News  Massachusetts Board of Medicine Takes Disciplinary Action – August 3, 2023

Disciplinary action ordered at the August 3, 2023 meeting of the Board
  • Board of Registration in Medicine

WAKEFIELDAt its meeting on August 3, 2023, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine took disciplinary action against the medical licenses of Tae Gyun Kim, M.D., Hooshang Poor, M.D. and Kirkham B. Wood, M.D.

In a Final Decision & Order, the Board revoked Dr. Tae Gyun Kim’s right to renew his medical license after it found that Dr. Kim had been disciplined by the New York Department of Health for reasons substantially similar to those for which Massachusetts could impose discipline, to wit, for having been convicted of Medicare fraud. Dr. Kim, an internist, had been licensed in Massachusetts from June 4, 2008 until his license expired on September 12, 2012. He last practiced medicine in New York.

In a Consent Order, the Board reprimanded the license of Dr. Hooshang D. Poor after he agreed that between 2014 and 2020 he failed to check the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program prior to prescribing opioids as required by law. Dr. Poor has been licensed to practice medicine in the Commonwealth since November 24, 1982. He practices medicine in nursing homes and is affiliated with New England Baptist Hospital. Dr. Poor was previously disciplined by the Board in 2018 for substandard care of four patients.

The Board also reprimanded Dr. Kirkham B. Wood’s medical license after he agreed in a Consent Order that he rendered substandard care to two orthopedic patients.  Dr. Wood has been licensed in Massachusetts since January 7, 2004. He currently practices medicine in California. 

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine licenses more than 40,000 physicians, osteopaths and acupuncturists.  The Board was created in 1894 to protect the public health and safety by setting standards for the practice of medicine and ensuring that doctors who practice in the Commonwealth are appropriately qualified and competent. The Board investigates complaints and determines sanctions. More information is available at, or you may contact the Board at


  • Board of Registration in Medicine 

    The Board of Registration in Medicine is responsible for licensing, regulation, and discipline of Massachusetts physicians and acupuncturists.
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