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Press Release  Massachusetts Receives Offshore Wind Bids

Massachusetts Received Bids from Three Companies in its Fourth Offshore Wind Solicitation
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Lauren Diggin, External Affairs Manager

BOSTON — Bids for Massachusetts’ fourth offshore wind solicitation were due today at noon. Massachusetts received bids from Avangrid Renewables, South Coast Wind Energy, and Vineyard Offshore.

“Bids for Massachusetts’ fourth offshore wind solicitation – the region’s largest to date for up to 3,600 MW – were due today at noon,” said Massachusetts Energy Resources Commissioner Elizabeth Mahony. “The Healey-Driscoll Administration will review bids over the coming months, and coordinate with Connecticut and Rhode Island to evaluate multi-state projects that would increase benefits for the region, lower costs, and enhance project viability. Massachusetts is committed to growing its offshore wind industry, which will spur our clean energy transition and provide renewable, affordable power to our homes and businesses, and we are excited to move forward on this process.”

In accordance with the Request for Proposals (RFP), bidders provided the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) with public versions of their bids, with confidential business information redacted, which are posted publicly on

Review Process 

The Evaluation Team is led by DOER and includes the Electric Distribution Companies, the Executive Office of Economic Development, and in consultation with an Independent Evaluator. Over the coming months, the Evaluation Team will review bids according to the RFP. The RFP outlines the selection criteria, which includes a quantitative evaluation of the project’s cost and energy market impacts, and a qualitative evaluation, which assigns points to bids based on various criteria, including economic development, environmental and fisheries impact, and support for low-income ratepayers. 

Final decisions on project evaluation are due by August 7, 2024. The electric distribution companies would then execute long term contracts with selected project(s) by October 9, 2024, and resulting contracts would be filed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities for review and approval by November 13, 2024. 

Massachusetts RFP 

Released in August, the Massachusetts RFP is the fourth and largest offshore wind solicitation to date, for a potential of up to 3600 MW. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut also joined in a historic multistate agreement that allows for potential coordinated selection of offshore wind as each state solicits offshore wind energy generation through their respective state procurements. Through this agreement, the three states will together seek multi-state offshore wind proposals that would expand benefits for the region, capture cost reductions by developing projects at scale, and develop into viable projects. In coordinating, the states will amplify efforts to foster regional economic development, create high-paying, in-demand jobs, and promote environmental justice and equity. 

The three states also worked jointly to advocate for clarification from the U.S. Department of Treasury on tax guidance to expand eligibility for the Energy Communities bonus under the Inflation Reduction Act. On Friday, that advocacy was successful when Treasury released updated guidance in line with the states’ requests. 


Media Contact   for Massachusetts Receives Offshore Wind Bids

  • Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs 

    EEA seeks to protect, preserve, and enhance the Commonwealth’s environmental resources while ensuring a clean energy future for the state’s residents. Through the stewardship of open space, protection of environmental resources, and enhancement of clean energy, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs works tirelessly to make Massachusetts a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.
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