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News  Notice for Consumers Regarding Salvasen Health

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The Division of Insurance is notifying Massachusetts residents that products offered through Salvasen Health are terminating as of March 31, 2022. 

Products offered through Salvasen Health are not insured health plans and Salvasen Health is not licensed to sell health insurance in Massachusetts.  In order to obtain comprehensive coverage starting on April 1, 2022, consumers currently covered by a Salvasen Health product must enroll in a new plan. However, you do not need to wait, and it is recommended that you act as soon as possible to secure appropriate replacement coverage.


  1. Contact the Massachusetts Health Connector, the state’s official health insurance marketplace, to enroll in a comprehensive health plan or to learn about your eligibility for the MassHealth or Children’s Health Insurance Program in Massachusetts. Contact the Massachusetts Health Connector by calling 1-877-MA-ENROLL (1-877-623-6765) or by visiting their website at www.mahealthconnector.org.
    1. The Health Connector has implemented a Special Enrollment Period for you due to the termination of your Salvasen product meaning you will be able to access a new plan outside of the regular enrollment period. Enrollment in a Health Connector plan must be completed by the 23rd of the month for coverage effective the following month.
    2. To access the Special Enrollment Period, you must call the Health Connector at the above number and let the representative know that you were enrolled in a Salvasen plan.
    3. Most people who enroll in health coverage through the Health Connector qualify for help paying for their coverage.

    2.   Purchase a plan directly from a licensed insurance company in Massachusetts. A list of companies licensed               to sell health insurance in Massachusetts is available here: download (mass.gov)

Claims for eligible services provided to you through your termination will be processed according to the provisions of your product documents. All claims must be submitted within 90 days of the 3/31/2022 termination date. If you have any questions regarding your existing product or regarding the termination of this product, or if you need assistance with claims, please contact Salvasen Health at 877-707-1442.

A taxpayer looking to appeal the assessment of an individual mandate penalty can request an appeal on their Schedule HC when they do their state income taxes. 

Consumers with questions or concerns may also contact the Division of Insurance's Consumer Service Unit at 617-521-7794, option #2.

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