News Opioid Care Coordinator Information and Questionnaire

Questionnaire that needs to be submitted to the DIA to become an Opioid Care Coordinator.
  • Department of Industrial Accidents

BOSTON — The Department of Industrial Accident (DIA) launched a 2-year pilot program called the Opioid Alternative Treatment Pathway (OATP) which aims to be another tool to address the state’s opioid epidemic by giving attorneys, judges, and injured workers within the DIA system quicker access to medical professionals to make treatment decisions.

To assist in this process, specially qualified Care Coordinators with knowledge and experience in dealing with issues relating to the long-term use of opioids are needed to assist and direct the care for the injured worker.

In order to be considered as a Care Coordinator, please submit a resume and complete the following questionnaire. The questions are designed to help us gain insight as to your experience and professional approach as to how you best achieved pain control with the least opioids as well as your ability to foster a therapeutic alliance with the injured worker and restore the individual to the maximum functional level.

Please feel free to attach additional sheets of paper as needed. Kindly e-mail your resume and responses to:



Department of Industrial Accidents 

The Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) oversees the Massachusetts workers’ compensation system.

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