News Renewal of Your Fully Insured PFML Exemption 

Information Regarding the Renewal of your Fully-Insured PFML Exemption
  • Department of Family and Medical Leave

If you currently have an exemption from remitting contributions to the Family and Employment Security Trust Fund (“Trust Fund”). This exemption is due to expire on December 31, 2020. You must renew your exemption on or before this date by submitting a renewal application in MassTaxConnect.

The application period is open from November 30, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

When you were first approved for an exemption, you acknowledged that you would have private insurance coverage for your workforce beginning on January 1, 2021. When you submitted your application, you acknowledged that if you do not have private PFML insurance coverage on January 1, 2021, you will be responsible for PFML contributions retroactive to October 1, 2019. In the event that you fail to renew your exemption, the Department of Family and Medical Leave (“DFML”) will pursue the collection of contributions back to October 1, 2019.

For detailed directions on how to submit an application for your new 2021 exemption please click here

To renew your exemption, please log on to your PFML account in MassTaxConnect, complete the renewal application, and attach the following documents:

This form must be signed by an authorized representative of the employer and insurer. This form requires your policy form number which is supplied to you by your PFML insurance carrier.

  • This is the form number that the insurance carrier has supplied to and been approved by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.
  • The policy form number is located on the bottom left hand corner of the first page of the new PFML policy provided to you.
  • This form number must be entered exactly as it appears to you into MassTaxConnect. Any deviations from this number may result in a delay in processing your exemption application.

If you have questions about your policy form number, please contact your PFML insurance carrier directly.

If you do not intend to renew your exemption or maintain private plan coverage, please contact the PFML Contact Center at (617) 466-3950. For questions related to your MassTaxConnect account, please visit  

Please do not send information directly to the Department of Family and Medical Leave. If you have questions related to this correspondence, you may contact the PFML Contact Center at (617) 466-3950, during regular business hours.

Additional Resources for Renewal of Your Fully Insured PFML Exemption 

Department of Family and Medical Leave 

The Department of Family and Medical Leave oversees the Commonwealth’s Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) program. This program provides temporary income replacement to eligible workers who are welcoming a new child into their family, are struck by a serious illness or injury, need to take care of an ill or ailing relative, and for certain military considerations.