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Press Release See the Approved Minutes for the Massachusetts Apprentice Council Meeting 02-28-20

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Media Contact for See the Approved Minutes for the Massachusetts Apprentice Council Meeting 02-28-20

Patrick Mitchell, Director, Apprenticeship Expansion and Work-Based Learning

Massachusetts Apprenticeship Council
1181 Adams Street, Dorchester, MA
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Apprenticeship Council Approved Minutes
February 28, 2020

Drafted by: Elainy Lima, Laura Lee, Celina Pendexter (DAS Staff)

    I. Welcome and meeting Called to Order by John Healy

    II. Roll Call for Quorum

John Healy - Sheet Metal Workers Local 17
Kennell Broomstein
Susan Mailman - Coughlin Electrical Contractors
Maura Russell - Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Ed.
Beth Costa - Veteran Employment & Training Program Mgr.
Lesley Parady - MASS MEP
Margaret Gilligan - Mass Rehabilitation Commission
Steven Sullivan – ABC

Public, as evidenced by sign in:
Celina Pendexter, Division of Apprentice Standards
Elainy Lima, Division of Apprentice Standards
Ken Nadeau, Tegra Medical
Brian Rua, Tegra Medical
Robert Revil, IBEW 223 JATC
Paul McGrath, Local 357
Eric Redding, DC 35
Marina Zhavoronkova, EOLWD
James Barr, NASCTF
Joe Caparco, NELAPP
Gregory Mumford, YouthBuild Boston

     III. Approval of Minutes (Action Item)

Minutes were approved without objection

     IV. Director’s Report — Patrick Mitchell, Director, 
     Apprenticeship Expansion and Work-Based Learning

Patrick introduced himself to the Council and discussed how apprenticeship is beneficial for workers and businesses, and encouraged Council participation, opinions and contributions. Patrick shared goal of setting norms in how to lead the meeting, ensuring 48 hours’ notice for public meetings on DAS website, setting meeting dates for calendar year, and following open meeting laws regarding group email with Council.

Susan Mailman requested transparency and overview of DAS budget.

Patrick shared strategies to expand apprentice programs in MA - paid with a combination of federal money, grants and employees. And additionally shared how growth has been achieved to date, and current DAS goals to ensure quality assurance, address the state audit, address volume of work and compliance, and goals of diversity.

Leslie Parady inquired about racial diversity. A discussion regarding gender and racial diversity followed, including racial diversity in different regions, sectors and projects.

Patrick shared goals to expand Registered Apprenticeship to new industries; diversify programs; maintain quality/enhance efficiency; improve customer-oriented relations; improve infrastructure with a new database; and online applications.

Susan Mailman inquired how data will be shared across entities (national, state, etc) and Maura Russell inquired how students will be tracked. A discussion followed on how the new database, online services and an updated website will enable more seamless operations, user experience, and increased interest in apprenticeship. Susan Mailman addressed the need to get parents involved through the website.

Steve Sullivan shared thoughts on licensing board hurdles and a disconnect between licensing boards and DAS.

Marina Zhavoronkova also shared DAS’s new reporting structure directly to the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development and current transition work.

    V. Career Technical Institute presentation — Marina
    Zhavoronkova, Assistant Secretary for Program and

Marina presented on the Career Tech Institute initiative, and requested feedback from the Council. The Council specifically commented on the need for such programs and the difficulty of training replacements for retirees.

     VI. US DOL Apprenticeship State Expansion Grant
     presentation — Patrick Mitchell

Patrick presented on multiple federal grants, including progress and overview of the Massachusetts Apprenticeship Initiative, State Apprenticeship Expansion, and Apprenticeship State Expansion grants.

     VII. Public Comment

Leslie Parady introduced two guests from Tegra Medical, in Franklin, who have been working a long time with DAS to register Apprentices for their program.

     VIII. Adjournment (Action Item)

Meeting was adjourned by John Healy


Media Contact for See the Approved Minutes for the Massachusetts Apprentice Council Meeting 02-28-20

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