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News Spring Resource Assessment Survey Notice to Fixed-Gear Fishermen

Our Spring Trawl Survey begins May 7th. We ask that fixed-gear fishermen assist with our efforts by reviewing tow locations.
  • Division of Marine Fisheries
DMF staff bringing the trawl net onboard

Every year, DMF conducts trawl surveys in state coastal waters. The surveys determine the fish stocks condition and how to manage fisheries and protect fishery resources, among other things. 

Our Spring Trawl Survey will begin on May 7th. We will be providing updates as tows are completed.

Thank you to all fixed-gear fishermen for moving your gear while the survey takes place in your fishing area!

Division of Marine Fisheries 

The Division of Marine Fisheries manages the state’s commercial and recreational saltwater fisheries and oversees other services that support the marine environment and fishing communities.