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Press Release State Officials Remind Public of Roadway Height Restrictions as “Move-In Day” Approaches

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Olivia Dorrance, Press Secretary

BOSTONWith the unofficial “Move-In Day” fast approaching, state officials from the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), and Massachusetts State Police (MSP) are reminding college students, residents, and others of height restrictions along several parkways in the Greater Boston area. These parkways include Storrow Drive and Soldiers Field Road in the City of Boston, and Memorial Drive in the City of Cambridge, which are restricted to “cars only” and have height restrictions as low as nine feet in some locations. Moving trucks, box trucks, and moving vans will exceed this height limit and drivers of these vehicles should seek alternate routes.

“When renting a moving vehicle, drivers should check the height of their box-truck and height restrictions along the Boston area river roads to avoid being Storrowed,” said DCR Commissioner Jim Montgomery. “It is important for us all to remember that many parkways cannot accommodate moving trucks, and we are incredibly fortunate the last several years to have had no serious injuries reported and no structural damage done to any of the bridges or overpasses.”

Throughout the year, the underpasses and bridges along these routes are struck by vehicles whose drivers have ignored the posted height restriction signs and the number only increases on the traditional move-in weekends. Massachusetts State Police Troopers respond to multiple instances of trucks that either become stuck under bridges on the river roads and other state parkways in Boston, Cambridge, and surrounding areas, or whose drivers realize they will not fit and need to be slowly backed out of the overpass. State Police urge anyone renting a truck for their college move to check whether bridges on their route of travel can accommodate the height of their vehicle, to seek alternative routes if not, and to observe height information on posted signage and electronic message boards.

“Drivers of all vehicles should look for warning signs and always be aware of their surroundings, particularly anyone driving a vehicle they are not familiar with,” said MassDOT Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver.  “Drivers should plan their trips in advance, identify locations where there are height restrictions and take the most appropriate route to reach their destinations.”

State agencies will be utilizing increased signage throughout the Greater Boston area, which will include variable message boards (VMBs) at various entry points along the parkways warning of height restrictions and no parking signs where appropriate. DCR is also conducting active outreach to truck rental companies, moving companies, and educational institutions, and will share information and raise awareness through its social media channels.


Media Contact for State Officials Remind Public of Roadway Height Restrictions as “Move-In Day” Approaches

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