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Press Release State Officials Remind Students of Roadway Height Restrictions Ahead of “Move-In Day”

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Media Contact for State Officials Remind Students of Roadway Height Restrictions Ahead of “Move-In Day”

Olivia Dorrance, Press Secretary

Storrow Drive

BOSTONWith area colleges and universities set to commence their 2018-2019 academic calendars in the coming weeks, state officials from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), Massachusetts State Police (MSP), and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) are reminding students and their families of height restrictions along several parkways in the Boston Metro area, including Storrow Drive and Soldiers Field Road in the City of Boston, and Memorial Drive in the City of Cambridge. Additionally, ahead of the area’s “Move-In Day”, which is Saturday, September 1, 2018, parking restrictions will affect certain roadways within the City of Boston.

“The roads along the Charles River are a vital access point for the hundreds of thousands of students and residents returning to the Greater Boston area within the next few weeks,” said Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Leo Roy. “While heading to college is an exciting time of year, we are urging all drivers to heed posted height restrictions to ensure a safe and successful transition back to school.”

“College students: When we say we hope your school year starts with a bang, we don’t mean your truck’s roof hitting the bottom of a bridge,” said Massachusetts State Police Colonel Kerry Gilpin. “So please play it smart on move-in day, pay attention to the maximum height signs, and have a great semester.”

“Thousands of students will be moving into the Boston area in the coming weeks, meaning it is crucial for people to plan their routes in advance and make the best decisions on timing and mode of travel,” said Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver. “This is a great time for members of the public to try out travel technology resources such as our GoTime app, or other navigational services, and people should be sure to learn of any parking or travel restrictions and consider alternative forms of transportation such as public transit to help minimize congestion on roadways.”

Leading up to “Move­-In Day”, state agencies are in the process of positioning increased signage throughout the area, which will include variable message boards (VMBs) at various entry points along the parkways warning of height restrictions, and no parking signs where appropriate. In anticipation of the annual influx of traffic on height restricted roads, the DCR has begun active outreach to the following groups to remind the public of the restrictions:

  • Educational institutions;
  • GPS companies; and,
  • Box truck rental companies.

Residents and visitors wishing to obtain additional information about DCR traffic advisories may sign up on the agency’s webpage for future alerts.


Media Contact for State Officials Remind Students of Roadway Height Restrictions Ahead of “Move-In Day”

Department of Conservation & Recreation 

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