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Jennifer Donahue and Erika Gully-Santiago

On Thursday, May 6th at 12:00PM, representatives from the Massachusetts Trial Court, Community Counseling of Bristol County, and New Hope will host a virtual town hall meeting for the Taunton community to provide information on accessing the courts, court services and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Court speakers will discuss how to contact the courts, safety measures that are in place at courthouses across the state and provide guidance on case activities in each court department. Community speakers will discuss available local resources and community concerns. The session will be conducted in English with Spanish and Portuguese interpretation.

This event will be held live on Zoom and broadcast through TCAM TV.

May 6, 2021 @ 12:00 PM:

May 7, 2021 @ 2:00 PM: 
TCAM TV, Comcast Channel 15/Verizon Channel 22

Virtual Town Hall Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening Remarks – Trial Court Chief Justice Paula Carey
  2. Taunton District Court – First Justice Michael Brennan
  3. Taunton Juvenile Court – Associate Justice Tracie Souza
  4. Southeast Housing Court – First Justice Donna Salvidio, Chief Housing Specialist Suzette Fagan-Clarke
  5. Bristol Probate and Family Court – First Justice Katherine Field, Register Thomas Hoye, Chief Probation Officer Michele Mullin
  6. Substance Use, Mental Health, and Housing Resources – Vice President of Housing and Community Initiatives Ellen Bruder-Moore, Community Counseling of Bristol County
  7. Domestic Violence – Senior SAFEPLAN Advocate Amonda Mitchell, New Hope, Director of Victim Services Jessie Aquino, Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance
  8. Court Service Centers, Help Line, Interpreter Services – Court Service Center Manager Franklin Silveira
  9. Closing Remarks – Mayor Shaunna O’Connell

Media Contact for Trial Court to Host Virtual Town Hall in Taunton

Massachusetts Court System 

The Massachusetts court system consists of the Supreme Judicial Court, the Appeals Court, the Executive Office of the Trial Court, the 7 Trial Court departments, the Massachusetts Probation Service, and the Office of Jury Commissioner.

Executive Office of the Trial Court 

The Executive Office of the Trial Court facilitates communication and enables joint leadership of the Trial Court by the Chief Justice of the Trial Court and the Court Administrator.