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Blog Post  Winter Energy Savings Tips

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Winter Energy Savings Tips

The cold season in Massachusetts is upon us. Between December and March, temperatures in the Bay State average lows and highs of 24oF and 37oF! As temperatures drop, energy bills rise. While you stay warm this winter, there are several steps you can take to ensure you do not fall victim to exorbitant utility charges. 

The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation gathered the below tips to manage your energy bills this season.

  • Change lighting to LED bulbs where possible.  LED lightbulbs used about 75% less energy than other bulbs and burn out much slower.  This simple change is an effective way can lower your energy costs significantly.
  • Seal and insulate your home.  If any room of your house is heating at a lower rate than the rest of your house, you may be losing energy through cracks in places like windows, floors, and walls. Taking steps to seal or insulate troublesome areas can stop heat, and money, from escaping your home.
  • Change air filters to ensure there is no dust or dirt clogging your heating and cooling systems. Clogs not only pose a fire hazard, but also force your furnace to work harder, and may cause unnecessary overall damage to your heating system while driving up your utility bill.

Most of these steps can be done by homeowners.  However, consumers should hire registered home improvement contractors for large projects requiring professional assistance.  Use the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation’s public database to ensure that the contractor you are working with is registered to perform residential contracting in the state:

Massachusetts also offers some of the top energy rebates and incentives in the United States. Visit the Department of Energy Resources guide to energy rebates and incentives for more information about installing more energy efficient systems.

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