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Nursery and Plant Inspections

All nursery growers and agents (retailers) must be registered with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR)

Nursery inspectors conduct annual inspections for all registered nursery growers and agents. Inspectors monitor for pests and invasive plants. Growers and agents are licensed annually. Growers in Massachusetts who export material and/or seed require inspections and the issuance of a USDA Phytosanitary Certificate prior to shipping. Inspectors are licensed to issue these certificates as well as State Phytosanitary Certificates and provide houseplant inspections for plants being moved to other states that require such an inspection. Permits are also issued allowing currants in non-regulated cities and towns. Contact: Kyle Kaseta, Nursery Inspector, Crop and Pest Services, Kyle.Kaseta@mass.gov, 617-851-2443.

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