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Check a nursing license 

You can check the status of a nursing license in Massachusetts or by another state Board in the United States or its territories.

Renew your nursing license 

Your RN license and APRN authorization expires at 11:59PM on your birthday in even numbered years. Your LPN licenses expires at 11:59PM on your birthday in odd numbered years.

Print a verification of your nursing license 

You or your employer can verify and print licensure status by accessing the Board “Check a License” site.

Apply for a nursing license by exam 

You just graduated from a nursing program — now you need to apply for a license in Massachusetts.

Apply for a nursing license by reciprocity 

If you have a nursing license in another state, you have to submit an application by reciprocity to get licensed in Massachusetts.

Apply for APRN authorization 

You graduated from a program preparing you for practice as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). You have successfully completed the certification process in one or more clinical categories. Now you can apply for board authorization to practice.

Apply for APRN prescriptive authority 

Once you obtain your advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) authorization from the Board of Registration in Nursing, you may apply for prescriptive practice. This allows you to prescribe as a part of your overall practice.

Request to remove or reinstate APRN authorization 

If your Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) certification expires or is reissued, you must inform the Board of Registration in Nursing.

Renew your expired nursing license that has out-of-state discipline 

The Board has a modified renewal process for the renewal of expired nursing licenses if you are also licensed outside of Massachusetts and have been disciplined in another jurisdiction.

Request a Certified Statement of Licensure from a Health Profession Board of Registration 

You may need a certified statement of licensure from one of the health profession Boards of Registration to obtain licensure in another state.