Commission on Clean Heat

On September 20, 2021, the Governor signed Executive Order No. 596, establishing the Commission on Clean Heat in the Commonwealth to advise the Administration on a framework for long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions from heating fuels.

The Commission has been exploring options to accelerate the deployment of energy efficiency programs and clean heating systems in new and existing buildings and transition existing distribution systems to clean energy. They have considered financing mechanisms, incentives, and other regulatory options, including a framework for a cap on greenhouse gas emissions from heating fuels. Policy recommendations are being delivered to the Governor and other key decision makers.

The Commission has met regularly since January 2022 and is proud to present their final report that includes a set of policy recommendations to meet the mandate put forth to sustainably reduce the use of heating fuels and minimize the greenhouse gas emissions from buildings while ensuring the costs and opportunities arising from such reductions are distributed equitably.

Commission on Clean Heat Final Report

On November 30, 2022, the Massachusetts Commission on Clean Heat issued its final recommendations and report. Click the link below to read the final report. 

Commission on Clean Heat Final Report 

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