Occupational Health Surveillance Program (OHSP)

Workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities can be prevented. Information about how and why working people in Massachusetts are getting sick or hurt on the job is needed to develop effective prevention strategies. Public health data can guide the development of new, safer technologies, educational activities, and regulatory and policy changes to make workplaces healthier and secure.

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The overall mission of the Occupational Health Surveillance Program is to promote the health, safety and quality of life of working people in Massachusetts by:

  • Collecting, analyzing, interpreting and disseminating information about work-related injuries, illnesses, and hazards in Massachusetts
  • Using this information to target intervention activities, guide the development of prevention programs and policies, and raise public awareness of workplace risks
  • Educating workers, employers, and health care providers to address identified occupational health and safety problems, placing special emphasis on reaching underserved worker populations
  • Integrating occupational health into other ongoing public health activities at the state and local levels

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