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830 CMR 14.3.1: Reg Fact Sheet

Date: 07/13/2007
Organization: Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Regulatory Authority: MGL c. 14, § 6(1)
MGL c. 62C, § 3
Official Version: Published by the Massachusetts Register

This is an unofficial version of Commonwealth regulations and is posted here for the convenience of the public. It is not an official statement of the regulations.

830 CMR 14.3.1: Volunteer Personnel

REGULATORY HISTORY: Regulation promulgated 07/13/07.

SUMMARY OF REGULATION: This Regulation permits the Department to hire student interns and other volunteer personnel who receive no compensation from the Commonwealth, but receive stipends or fellowships from their educational institution, sponsoring organization, private employer, or other entity, while they are providing volunteer services to the Commonwealth.

REASON FOR CHANGE: Pursuant to authority granted the Commissioner by G.L. c. 14, § 6(1); G.L. c. 62C, § 3.

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