DOR Regulations

14.00: Department of Revenue Personnel

18, 119A, 175: Child Support Enforcement

40S.00: Smart Growth School Cost Reimbursement

58.00, 59.00: Local Taxes, Local Assessment

62.00: Income Tax

62B.00: Withholding and Estimated Taxes

62C.00: State Tax Administration

62E.00: Wage Reporting System

62F.00: Limitation on the Growth of State Tax Revenues

63.00: Taxation of Corporations

63B.00: Declaration of Estimated Tax by Corporations

64A, 64C, 64E, 64F, 64G, 64J, 94E, 270: Miscellaneous Excises

64H.00: Sales and Use Tax

94.00: Abandoned Deposit Amounts

111M.00: Individual Health Coverage

1761.00: Preferred Provider Arrangements


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