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Self Determination and Self-Direction

Self-Determination is having more control in one's life and to make decisions about services based on one's vision, preferences, beliefs and abilities. Self-Direction is a process through which an individual/family can design and direct their own services

DDS offers three models of service delivery that allow people receiving services to have choices about how their services are provided:

The Traditional Model – A Qualified Provider Agency contracts directly with DDS to deliver a specific range of supports (i.e.- Shared Living, group homes, employment, day programs) to the individual. The Agency has full authority and responsibility for hiring and supervising staff. The individual provides input around their goals and preferences through their Individual Service Plan.

Agency with Choice Model- The individual/ family designs customized supports based on a vision and need and directs their services in partnership with a qualified Provider Agency. The individual/ family selects their Support staff and set works hours and terms of employment. The Agency provides Human Resource, Payroll and administrative supports. The Agency and Individual/ family share in training and evaluating employees.

The Participant Directed Program Model- The individual/ family designs customized supports, directs their services and hires and manages support workers. The individual contracts directly with these workers or for other goods and services with support from DDS Service Coordinators/ Brokers, family and friends. A fiscal intermediary provides payroll services based on the participant’s individual budget, and provides financial monitoring and reporting based on regulation and requirements.

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