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MassDEP Organization and Notice of Non-Discrimination

MassDEP Notice of Nondiscrimination  - The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) operates its programs, services and activities in compliance with all applicable nondiscrimination laws. 

Our Mission

MassDEP's mission is to protect and enhance the Commonwealth's natural resources - air, water, and land - to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of all people, and to ensure a clean and safe environment for future generations. In carrying out this mission MassDEP commits to address and advance environmental justice and equity for all people of the Commonwealth, provide meaningful, inclusive opportunities for people to participate in agency decisions that affect their lives; and ensure a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve.​

How We're Organized

Gary Moran, Acting Commissioner
617-292-5856 FAX: 617-574-6880

MassDEP's Commissioner is appointed by the Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs, with the Governor's advice and consent. The Managers reporting directly to the Commissioner include:

  • Chief of Staff
  • Deputy Commissioner for Operations and Environmental Compliance
  • Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Planning
  • Director of Municipal Partnerships & Governmental Affair
  • General Counsel
  • Chief Financial Officer, Budgetary Affairs
  • Director of Public Affairs

Chief of Staff

Victoria Phillips, Acting Chief of Staff
617-692-0776 | FAX: 617-574-6880

Operations and Environmental Compliance

The Deputy Commissioner for Operations and Environmental Compliance oversees compliance and enforcement activities agency-wide, as well as all MassDEP operations and field activities of the agency's four regional offices. The Deputy Commissioner also overseas the work of the Office of the Permit and Regulatory Ombudsman and Special Projects and the Enterprise Information Management Office which includes Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The Regional Offices are the focal point for most MassDEP permitting, compliance, enforcement, emergency response and site cleanup activity that protects Massachusetts citizens and their environment on the local level. Staff based in these offices spend most of their time in the field and are very familiar with the businesses and communities they regulate.

The Office of Permit and Regulatory Ombudsman and Special Projects serves to manage large and complex projects, including those requiring approval, review or permits by more than one office within MassDEP and works to increase collaboration with industry and foster a business-friendly environment. The office acts as a point-of-contact for inquiries from citizens regarding issues in permitting or questions about how law, policy and regulations are being applied across the agency.

Policy and Planning

Stephanie Cooper, Deputy Commissioner
617-279-3289 | FAX: 617-574-6880

The Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Planning is responsible for ensuring that all MassDEP policies and programs are coordinated, effective, and result in measurable environmental results.

This deputy is also tasked with implementing the Commissioner's priorities (including improved protection of public health and the environment); new approaches (including permit streamlining and regulatory reform; management improvements and organizational changes); environmental/public health risk assessment and standards; and environmental monitoring.

The Deputy Commissioner establishes MassDEP priorities based upon sound science and information and evaluates the success of MassDEP's efforts based upon environmental and public health indicators and monitoring. The Deputy Commissioner oversees the agency's four bureaus which include Planning and Evaluation, Water Resources, Air & Waste and Waste Site Cleanup

Municipal Partnerships and Governmental Affairs

Courtney Rainey, Director
617-894-3703 | FAX: 617-574-6880

The Office of Municipal Partnerships and Governmental Affairs serves as a visible point-of-contact for municipalities, local officials, legislators and other governmental agencies. The Office coordinates cross-agency efforts to provide up-to-date and effective outreach and user-friendly assistance - both online and via traditional formats - to a range of groups that do business with MassDEP or rely on it for information. The Director seeks to strengthen partnerships with cities and towns and to promote increased understanding about the agency's programs that protect the environment and the public health.

General Counsel

Benjamin Ericson, General Counsel
617-780-8159 | FAX: 617-574-6880

The General Counsel manages a staff of attorneys responsible for drafting legislation and regulations, initiating enforcement proceedings both administratively and through the courts, and providing other legal support to MassDEP.

The General Counsel also oversees enforcement-related activities, specifically the:

  • Environmental Strike Force – This is an interagency environmental law enforcement unit comprised of scientific and technical staff from DEP, uniformed police officers from other environmental agencies, and prosecutors from the Office of the Attorney General. Toll Free telephone: 1-888-VIOLATE.
  • Office of Enforcement Policy and Assistance – This office is responsible for coordinating MassDEP's overall enforcement program to ensure consistent treatment of environmental law violators in all regions of the state. 

Budgetary Affairs

Bawa Wavezwa, Acting Chief Financial Officer
857-366-0325 | FAX: 617-574-6880

The Budgetary Affairs unit manages fiscal and budgetary matters for the agency.

Public Affairs Office

Edmund Coletta, Director
617-797-2683 Fax: 617-574-6880

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) serves as the eyes, ears and voice of MassDEP, speaking with and listening to the agency's many important constituencies. PAO also helps to coordinate content on the agency's web site and directs the agency's social media outreach effort. The Director of Public Affairs coordinates all communication between the agency and its various constituencies, including citizens, businesses, stakeholder groups and the news media.


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