About registered apprenticeship in Massachusetts

The benefits of apprenticeship.

About registered apprenticeship in Massachusetts

What is Apprenticeship?

  • Apprenticeship is a proven pathway for many people in Massachusetts that provides rewarding careers and allows them to successfully support themselves and their families.
  • Apprenticeships benefit workers, their employers, and the communities that depend on a vibrant economy to continue positive growth. One of the main reasons apprenticeships have endured for so many years is that it remains an excellent way to provide the job training and experience necessary for a successful career.
  • Apprenticeships help people develop strong skills and solid work experience by offering tried-and-true, on-the-job training programs that are constantly evolving. Industry stakeholders from all over Massachusetts ensure the training is current and future-focused.
  • Apprenticeship produces highly skilled individuals through its unique combination of on-the-job training at the hands of an experienced journeyworker and related theoretical (classroom) instruction.
  • As a paid employee, an apprentice earns a progressively increasing wage during the period of apprenticeship. Apprentices earn while they learn, and those who successfully complete an apprenticeship program receive a nationally recognized credential.
  • A contract binds the apprentice, his or her employer (or sponsor) and the Division of Apprentice Standards to specific training and performance to ensure consistency and quality.

What are the benefits of apprenticeship to an employer?

  • Apprentices work and learn from day one, which addresses two problems at once: the current shortage of workers and the constant need for a highly skilled workforce.
  • The top three reasons employers choose to train through registered apprenticeship are increased productivity, increased competitiveness, and the return on investment.
  • Registered apprenticeship provides employers an internal career ladder to promote their current unskilled workers, which helps to create company loyalty and employee goodwill.
  • Employers train their workers, in their facility, to fit their needs.

Apprenticeship Statistics

  • An average apprenticeship lasts four years - during which an average apprentice earns $161,000.
  • Currently, more than 2,600 employers train apprentices in Massachusetts.
  • Massachusetts averages 5,000 apprentices annually; a large majority of apprentices are in the construction trades.

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