Adaptive ice skating programs

Learn about adaptive ice skating programs offered November through March.

The Universal Access Program offers adaptive skating programs each winter. You can lace up a pair of conventional skates or glide around the ice in your manual or power wheelchair. Ice sleds are also available to use. In a sled, you can push yourself with small hockey sticks or be pushed around the rink by a friend. Spin, slide, race, slalom, and play gently competitive games. Activities on the ice include obstacle courses, a tower of blocks for building up and crashing down, races, colorful balls and pucks to shoot around, power chair games, and gently competitive hockey matches.

Ice sleds, skate walkers, helmets, ice grippers, and ice skates are available at our programs. Admission and equipment are provided free of cost, but you have to pre-register with the providing organization. Skaters must fill out a release form and meet our essential eligibility criteria for ice skating programs.

A large group of young adult skaters is on the ice in front of a hockey net. Some skaters are using skate walkers, some skaters are using ice sleds, and one skater is using a walker with a harness.
You can enjoy the ice in many ways at an adaptive skating program!

Adaptive skating program locations

Our adaptive skating programs are typically offered November through March  at the rinks below. To see the current program schedule, please visit our adaptive program schedule.


John G. Asiaf Memorial Rink

East Boston

Porrazzo Memorial Rink

Fall River

Arthur R. Driscoll Memorial Rink


Henry J. Fitzpatrick Rink


Charles J. Buffone Rink