Agricultural Environmental Enhancement Program (AEEP)

Learn more about the Agricultural Environmental Enhancement Program (AEEP) and how to apply.


AEEP is a competitive, reimbursement grant program that funds the implementation of agricultural conservation practices that reduce or prevent negative impacts to the Commonwealth's natural resources that may result from agricultural practices while maintaining sustainability and productivity of the agricultural operation. Practices funded include those that prevent direct impacts on water quality, ensure efficient use of water, and address agricultural impacts on air quality or demonstrate other conservation benefits or environmental goals. Reimbursement grants up to $25,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis.


Eligible Applicants

Agricultural operations engaged in production agriculture for commercial purposes as identified by Massachusetts General Laws (MGL). The applicant must own or be a co-responder with the owner of the property. The property must be in active agricultural use and managed by the applicant for at least three (3) years. There is no acreage requirement. 


Application Open Period: This program is not currently accepting applications.  The next open application period is anticipated for spring of 2020.

Maximum Funding Per Applicant: 85% of total project costs up to $25,000.