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July 7 - Disease Management for Giant Pumpkin Growers - webinar, 6-8pm - UNH Ext. hosting a webinar on disease management for giant pumpkin growers. Dr. Margaret T. McGrath (Cornell University) will join to discuss cucurbit yellow vine decline (CYVD) affecting pumpkin. Will cover how to identify and manage this disease within your IPM system. Discuss the biology and management of squash bug, which vectors the pathogen responsible for the disease. While webinar designed with giant pumpkin growers in mind, webinar open to any grower of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds. Registration

July 20 – August 9NOFA Summer Conference Virtual Event -


July 23 - UMass Fruit Growers Summer Mtg - 5:30 pm. Dr. Tracy Leskey, Director of the USDA Innovative Fruit Production, Improvement and Protection Entomology Lab in Kearneysville, WV will share details of her latest research on Spotted Lantern Fly and Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. To join use this link to pre-register.