Annual apprentice ID card

A requirement for all apprentices


Due to the recent enactment of legislation changing the Massachusetts General Laws, Apprenticeship Statute, Chapter 23; Section 11W of the Apprentice Statute, the Division of Apprentice Standards will be issuing Annual Apprentice ID cards rather than one-time Apprentice ID Cards after June 30, 2009. (see below)

  • The card will cost $35 annually.
  • Annual Apprentice ID cards will be valid for a one year period and will expire on the anniversary of the start date.
  • New Apprentice agreement have been updated and are on the website. The agreement has been changed to indicate what credit will be granted in OJT hours and what step the apprentice will begin the program in order to prepare for next years renewal.
  • The Annual Apprentice ID card will be issued to all new apprentices approved after June 30, 2009.
  • Apprentice ID cards issued prior to July 1, 2009 will remain valid until the expiration date on the card or until the apprentice's status changes requiring a new card.

In order for the ID card to be issued successfully, the apprentice and/or sponsor must submit the following with the Apprentice Agreement. When renewing your ID card, you must request yearly renewal, pay a renewal fee of $35, and provide proof of classroom training before the year has passed.

  • The annual fee of $35.00 should be in the form of a personal check, bank check or money order payable to the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts." No cash will be accepted.
  • A passport-sized print photograph or digital photograph in a JPEG (.jpg) format shall accompany each application. The picture should be similar in composition to a driver's license photograph. You can email a digital photograph to Please put your first name, middle initial and last name in the subject heading of the email message. You do not need to send a photo if you are renewing your ID.
  • ID Cards are generally issued in less than three weeks, and are returned with signed and approved apprentice agreements.

Chapter 23; Apprenticeship statute, Section 11W. The deputy director shall require each apprentice entering into a written agreement pursuant to this chapter to submit an application to the division for an apprentice identification card. Such application shall be accompanied by a $35 fee paid by the apprentice or the program sponsor, together with photographic prints as required by the deputy director. The apprentice identification card shall expire 1 year from the date of issue. Application for renewal of such card shall be submitted to the division and shall be accompanied by a fee of $35 paid by the apprentice or the program sponsor. The funds shall be received by the state treasurer on behalf of the commonwealth and deposited in a special trust account for the division and may be expended, without further appropriation, under the direction of the deputy director. An apprentice identification card shall contain the photograph of the apprentice; the apprentice registration number or such other number as the deputy director requires; the date on which the apprentice identification card expires; the name and business address of the appropriate apprenticeship committee or single employer sponsor; the steps of progression and related dates applicable to the apprentice and the projected date on which the apprentice is projected to complete the apprenticeship. As a condition of apprenticeship, the apprentice shall keep the apprentice identification card on his person during all hours of employment during the apprenticeship.