Apply for my Physician Full License

Here are the requirements, application forms, and next steps to apply for an initial Full License.

For a description of the license requirements and fees, see Licensing Fees and Eligibility Requirements.

For a description of the Application process, see Full License Application Process.

Application for Initial Full License

Effective January 1, 2020, all full license applicants must provide the Board with primary source verification of their core credentials through the FCVS. Applicants must complete both the Massachusetts Full License Application AND have a completed FCVS Physician Profile.


Effective January 1, 2020, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine is requiring physician initial full license applicants to also complete an application through the Federation Credentials Verification Service (“FCVS”).  FCVS verifies documents related to a physician’s identity, medical education (including ECFMG, if applicable), postgraduate training and examination history directly from the primary source.  Physicians applying for a Massachusetts full license must either complete an initial application with FCVS at or, if there is an existing FCVS profile, check to see if the FCVS profile must be updated.  Physician applicants must designate the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine to receive the FCVS “Medical Professional Information Profile”. 

Applicants should complete the fillable PDF Application.  The Application documents are also available in Word format.  Please ensure that the application is signed and notarized just prior to submission.  Please mail a completed Full License Application along with the $600.00 Application Fee to the Board in order to begin the application process.

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