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Apply for my Physician Full License

Here are the requirements, application forms, and next steps to apply for an initial Full License.

For a description of the license requirements and fees, see Licensing Fees and Eligibility Requirements.

For a description of the Application process, see Full License Application Process.

Application for Initial Full License

June 2019 - The Board’s Full License Application was revised in June 2019.  These revisions were implemented to improve efficiency and applicant experience during the licensing process, while still ensuring that only competent qualified physicians of good moral character are licensed in the Commonwealth. The Board is allowing a grace period in which it will accept the previous application forms. Effective September 1, 2019, the Board will only accept application forms with a revision date of June 2019 or later.

August 2019 - As of August 9, 2019, the Board’s Full License eligibility requirements have changed with respect to examination attempt limits (USMLE/COMLEX) and for International Medical Graduates who completed more than three months of off-site clinical rotations as part of their medical education.  Please review the Licensing Fees and Eligibility Requirements page for further details regarding these new requirements.

FCVS - The Board encourages all applicants to utilize FCVS (Federation Credentials Verification Services) for verification of core credentials which includes medical school, postgraduate training, examination scores and ECFMG verification.  If you choose to utilize FCVS, you may obtain information at or contact the FCVS at (817) 868-5000 or (888) 275-3287.

Applicants should complete the fillable PDF Application.  The Application documents are also available in Word format.  Please ensure that the application is signed and notarized just prior to submission.  Please mail a completed Full License Application along with the $600.00 Application Fee to the Board in order to begin the application process.

Full License Application (Fillable PDF)

Full License Application (Word Document)

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