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ArcSDE layer names and descriptions of MassGIS data

The following is a list of the names and descriptions of the vector and raster layers, tables, and views in the GISDATA schema (unless otherwise indicated) in MassGIS' Oracle-based ArcSDE geodatabase.

The names are also used when distributed as shapefiles and dbf tables. The feature type is indicated by the abbreviation ARC (line features), POLY (polygon area features), or PT (point features). The abbreviation _S_V indicates a spatial view.  

SDE Layer, Table, or View
ACECS_ARC   Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (Arcs)
ACECS_POLY   Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (Polygons)
AIRPORTS_PT   Airports
AQSOLE_POLY   EPA Designated Sole Source Aquifers
AQSOLE_POLY_PXS   Table - Source Information
AQSOLE_POLY_XSC   Table - Source Information
AQSOLE_POLY_XST   Table - Source Information
AQUEDUCTS_ANNO_DESC   Aqueducts Annotation
AQUIFERS_ARC   Aquifers (Arcs)
AQUIFERS_POLY   Aquifers (Polygons)
ATLNPROV_POLY   Atlantic Canadian Provinces
AUL_PT   MassDEP Oil and/or Hazardous Material Sites with Activity and Use Limitations (AUL)
AUL_PT_LDT   Table - AUL Sites Location Documentation
AUL_PT_ROD   Table - AUL Sites Registry of Deeds
AUL_PT_USL   Table - AUL Sites Unlocated Sites List
BARRIERB_POLY   State Designated Barrier Beaches
BATHYMGM_ANNO_NAME   Bathymetry of the Gulf of Maine Annotation
BIKETRAILS_ARC   Bicycle Trails
BM2_CH_AQUATIC_CORE   NHESP BioMap2 Core Habitat Aquatic Core
BM2_CH_BIOMAP2_WETLANDS   NHESP BioMap2 Core Habitat Wetlands
BM2_CH_FOREST_CORE   NHESP BioMap2 Core Habitat Forest Core
BM2_CH_PRIORITY_NATURAL_COMMS   NHESP BioMap2 Core Habitat Priority Natural Communities
BM2_CH_SPECIES_CONS_CONCERN   NHESP BioMap2 Core Habitat Species of Conservation Concern
BM2_CH_VERNAL_POOL_CORE   NHESP BioMap2 Core Habitat Vernal Pool Core
BM2_CNL_COASTAL_ADAPT_AN   NHESP BioMap2 CNL Coastal Adaptation Analysis
BM2_CNL_TERN_FORAGING   NHESP BioMap2 CNL Tern Foraging Habitat
BM2_CORE_HABITAT   NHESP BioMap2 Core Habitat
BM2_CRITICAL_NATURAL_LANDSCAPE   NHESP BioMap2 Critical Natural Landscape
BOUNDARY_ARC   Community Boundaries (Towns) without Coast (Arcs)
BOUNDARY_POLY   Community Boundaries (Towns) without Coast
BREAKLINES_ARC   Digital Orthophoto Topographic Breaklines
BTHOS250_POLY   Offshore Bathymetry (1:250,000)
BWP_PT_COMBUSTION   Municipal Solid Waste Combustion (Resource Recovery) Facilities
BWP_PT_COMBUSTION_HISTORIC   Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators - Historic
BWP_PT_COMPOST   Registered Compost Sites
BWP_PT_HF_CD_PROC   Handling Facilities: Construction and Demolition Processors
BWP_PT_HF_TRANSFER   Handling Facilities: Small Transfer Stations
BWP_PT_HF_TRANS_SM   Handling Facilities: Large Transfer Stations
BWP_PT_HF_WWCOOTH   Handling Facilities: Woodwaste, Compost and Other Wastes
BWPMAJOR_PT   MassDEP BWP Major Facilities
BWPMAJOR_PT_LDT   Table - MassDEP BWP Major Facilities Location Documentation
C21E_PT   MassDEP Tier Classified Chapter 21E Sites
C21E_PT_LDT   Table - Location Documentation
C21E_PT_USL   Table - Unlocated Sites List
CBRS_ARC   Coastal Barrier Resource Units (Arcs)
CBRS_POLY   Coastal Barrier Resource Units (Polygons)
CEN2K_BG_ED_ATTAIN_GEN_AGE   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Edu. attain. by age, gender
CEN2K_BG_ED_ENROLL_GEN_AGE   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Edu. enroll by age, gender
CEN2K_BG_EMP_STAT_GEN   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Employ. status by gender
CEN2K_BG_HH_AGE_FAM_CHILD   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Households, age, fam., kids
CEN2K_BG_HH_LANG_SPOK   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Households, primary language
CEN2K_BG_HH_SIZE_FAM   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Households, family size
CEN2K_BG_HOUSING_AMEN_TEN   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Housing amenities
CEN2K_BG_HOUSING_ROOMS   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Housing, no. of rooms
CEN2K_BG_HOUSING_UNITS   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Housing, no. of units
CEN2K_BG_HOUSING_VALUE   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Housing value
CEN2K_BG_HOUS_RENT_STATS   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Rental statistics
CEN2K_BG_HOUS_RES_CHAR   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Housing residency characteristics
CEN2K_BG_HOUS_STRUCT_AGE   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Housing structure age
CEN2K_BG_HS_OWN_RENT_DEMO   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Housing with demographics
CEN2K_BG_INCOME_HH   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Income by household
CEN2K_BG_INC_FAMTYPE   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Income, by family type
CEN2K_BG_INC_POV_LEV_AGE   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Income, poverty by age
CEN2K_BG_LEGATTRIB   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Various demographic info.
CEN2K_BG_POP_AGE_GEN   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Pop. by age, gender
CEN2K_BG_POP_RACE   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Pop. by race
CEN2K_BG_TRNS_COM_MEANS   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - How commute to work
CEN2K_BG_TRNS_COM_TIME   Cen2k BlkGrp Table - Time to commute to work
CEN2K_B_POP_AGE_GEN   Cen2k Block Table - Pop. by Age and Gender
CEN2K_CT_ANC_FOR_PLACE_BIRTH   Cen2k Tract Table - Ancestry
CEN2K_CT_HH_OWN_RENT_INC   Cen2k Tract Table - Household income, own vs. rent
CEN2K_CT_HOUSEH_PARTNER   Cen2k Tract Table - Household, marital status
CEN2K_CT_LANG_SPOK_AGE   Cen2k Tract Table - Language by age
CEN2K_CT_MED_INC_FAM   Cen2k Tract Table - Family median income
CEN2K_CT_MEN_PHYS_DIS_AGE   Cen2k Tract Table - Disabilities by age, gender
CEN2K_CT_POP_HAB_TEN_OWN   Cen2k Tract Table - Habitation tenure
CENSUS1990BLOCKGROUPS_POLY   Census Block Groups (1990)
CENSUS2000BLOCKGROUPS_POLY   Census Block Groups (2000)
CENSUS2000BLOCKS_POLY   Census Blocks (2000)
CENSUS2000TIGERHYDRO_POLY   Water Bodies (Census 2000 TIGER)
CENSUS2000TOWNS_ARC   MA Towns from Census 2000 (Arcs)
CENSUS2000TOWNS_POLY   MA Towns from Census 2000 (Polys)
CENSUS2000TRACTS_POLY   Census Tracts (2000)
CEN2010_BG_SF1_GROUP_QUARTERS   Census 2010 Block Group SF1 table - Group Quarters
CEN2010_BG_SF1_HH_AGE_FAM_CH   Census 2010 Block Group SF1 table - Households by Age, Family and Children
CEN2010_BG_SF1_HH_SIZE_FAM   Census 2010 Block Group SF1 table - Households Size by Family
CEN2010_BG_SF1_HOU_OWN_REN_DEM   Census 2010 Block Group SF1 table - Housing Owner Rental Demographics
CEN2010_BG_SF1_HOU_RES_CHAR   Census 2010 Block Group SF1 table - Housing Residency Characteristics
CEN2010_BG_SF1_POP_AGE_GENDER   Census 2010 Block Group SF1 table - Population by Age and Gender
CEN2010_BG_SF1_POP_RACE   Census 2010 Block Group SF1 table - Population by Race
CEN2010_B_SF1_GROUP_QUARTERS   Census 2010 Block SF1 table - Group Quarters
CEN2010_B_SF1_HH_AGE_FAM_CH   Census 2010 Block SF1 table - Households by Age, Family and Children
CEN2010_B_SF1_HH_SIZE_FAM   Census 2010 Block SF1 table - Households Size by Family
CEN2010_B_SF1_HOU_OWN_REN_DEM   Census 2010 Block SF1 table - Housing Owner Rental Demographics
CEN2010_B_SF1_HOU_RES_CHAR   Census 2010 Block SF1 table - Housing Residency Characteristics
CEN2010_B_SF1_POP_AGE_GENDER   Census 2010 Block SF1 table - Population by Age and Gender
CEN2010_B_SF1_POP_RACE   Census 2010 Block SF1 table - Population by Race
CEN2010_CT_SF1_GROUP_QUARTERS   Census 2010 Tract SF1 table - Group Quarters
CEN2010_CT_SF1_HH_AGE_FAM_CH   Census 2010 Tract SF1 table - Households by Age, Family and Children
CEN2010_CT_SF1_HH_SIZE_FAM   Census 2010 Tract SF1 table - Households Size by Family
CEN2010_CT_SF1_HOU_OWN_REN_DEM   Census 2010 Tract SF1 table - Housing Owner Rental Demographics
CEN2010_CT_SF1_HOU_RES_CHAR   Census 2010 Tract SF1 table - Housing Residency Characteristics
CEN2010_CT_SF1_POP_AGE_GENDER   Census 2010 Tract SF1 table - Population by Age and Gender
CEN2010_CT_SF1_POP_RACE   Census 2010 Tract SF1 table - Population by Race
CENSUS2010BLOCKGROUPS_P1   Census 2010 Block Group P1 table
CENSUS2010BLOCKGROUPS_P2   Census 2010 Block Group P2 table
CENSUS2010BLOCKGROUPS_P3   Census 2010 Block Group P3 table
CENSUS2010BLOCKGROUPS_P4_H1   Census 2010 Block Group P1 and H1 tables
CENSUS2010BLOCKGROUPS_POLY   Census 2010 Block Groups
CENSUS2010BLOCKS_P1   Census 2010 Block P1 table
CENSUS2010BLOCKS_P2   Census 2010 Block P2 table
CENSUS2010BLOCKS_P3   Census 2010 Block P3 table
CENSUS2010BLOCKS_P4_H1   Census 2010 Block P1 and H1 tables
CENSUS2010BLOCKS_POLY   Census 2010 Blocks
CENSUS2010HYDRO_ARC   Census 2010 Rivers and Streams
CENSUS2010HYDRO_POLY   Census 2010 Lakes and Ponds
CENSUS2010RAIL_ARC   Census 2010 Rail Lines
CENSUS2010RAIL_ARC_GEN   Census 2010 Rail Lines (Generalized)
CENSUS2010TIGERROADS_ADDR   Census 2010 TIGER Roads Address Range relationship table
CENSUS2010TIGERROADS_FN   Census 2010 TIGER Roads primary and alternate feature names relationship table
CENSUS2010TIGERROADS_FNA   Census 2010 TIGER Roads alternate feature names relationship table
CENSUS2010TIGERROADS_MTFCC   Census TIGER linework lookup table for MTFCC codes
CENSUS2010TOWNS_ARC   MA Towns from Census 2010 (Arcs)
CENSUS2010TOWNS_POLY   MA Towns from Census 2010 (Polys)
CENSUS2010TRACTS_P1   Census 2010 Tract P1 table
CENSUS2010TRACTS_P2   Census 2010 Tract P2 table
CENSUS2010TRACTS_P3   Census 2010 Tract P3 table
CENSUS2010TRACTS_P4_H1   Census 2010 Tract P1 and H1 tables
CENSUS2010TRACTS_POLY   Census 2010 Tracts
CHAPTER61_POLY   Chapter 61 Polygons (no longer distributed)
CHCS_PT   Community Health Centers
CHNA_ARC   Community Health Network Areas (Arcs)
CHNA_POLY   Community Health Network Areas (Polygons)
CIRINDEX_PT   Color Infrared Photo Index for DEP Wetlands (internal use only)
COAST25K_ARC   1:25,000 Coastline (Arcs)
COLLEGES_PT   Colleges and Universities
CONGRESSMA_ARC   Current (114th) U.S. Congressional Districts (Arcs)
CONGRESSMA_POLY   Current (114th) U.S. Congressional Districts (Polygons)
CONTOURS250K_ARC   Elevation Contours - 250k
CONTOURS5K_ARC   Elevation Contours - 5k
COQ2008INDEX_POLY   2008/2009 USGS Color Ortho Index
COQ2008MOSAICS15CM_POLY   2008/2009 USGS Color Ortho MrSID 15cm Mosaics Index
COQ2008MOSAICS15CMND_POLY   2008/2009 USGS Color Ortho 15cm NoData Areas
COQ2008MOSAICS30CM_POLY   2008/2009 USGS Color Ortho MrSID 30cm Mosaics Index
COQ2013INDEX_POLY   2013/2014 USGS Color Ortho Index
COQ2013MOSAICS30CM_POLY   2013/2014 USGS Color Ortho MrSID 30cm Mosaics Index
COQ2015WVTILEINDEX_POLY   2015 WorldView Orthoimagery Image Tile Index
COQ2015WVWEBSRVINDEX_POLY   2015 WorldView Orthoimagery Web Service Index
COQ2019INDEX_POLY   2019 USGS Color Ortho Index
COQ2021INDEX_POLY   2021 Aerial Imagery Index
COQHMOSAICS_POLY   2001 Color Ortho MrSID Mosaic Index
COQHMOSAICSCDS_POLY   2001 Color Ortho MrSID Mosaic CD-ROM Index
COQHMOSAICSDVDS_POLY   2001 Color Ortho MrSID Mosaic DVD Index
COQMAIN_POLY   Coastal 10k Color Orthophoto Index
COQMOSAICS2005_POLY   2005 Color Ortho MrSID Mosaic Index
COQMOSAICSCDS2005_POLY   2005 Color Ortho MrSID Mosaic CD-ROM Index
COQMOSAICSDVDS2005_POLY   2005 Color Ortho MrSID Mosaic DVD Index
COUNTIES_ANNO_CNTY   Counties Annotation
COUNTIES_ARC   MA Counties (Arcs)
COUNTIES_POLY   MA Counties (Polygons)
COUNTIES_POLYM   MA Counties (Multi-part Polygons)
COUNTIES_POLY_AREAFRQ   Table - Area of Each County in Acres
COUNTYNC_POLY   MA Counties (Polygons, no coast)
CPA_PROJECTS_NEW_PUB   Community Preservation Act (CPA) Points
CSTZONE_ARC   Mass. Coastal Zone (Arcs)
CSTZONE_POLY   Mass. Coastal Zone (Polygons)
CTTOWNS_POLY   Connecticut Towns (Polygons)
CVP_PT   NHESP Certified Vernal Pools
CZM_CONTEMP_MARSH   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Seaward Marsh Boundary
CZM_HISTORIC_HIGHWATER   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Historic High Water
CZM_IMAGE_FRAME   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Index for source Maps and Plans images
CZM_INFERRED_CONTEMP   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Inferred Contemporary High Water
CZM_INFERRED_HISTORIC   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Inferred Historic High Water
CZM_JURISDICTION   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Jurisdiction
CZM_LANDLOCK   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Landlocked Tidelands
CZM_MARSHPERIMETER   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Landward Marsh Boundary
CZM_PUBLICWAY   Tidelands (Chapter 91) - Public Way
DAMS_PT   Dams
DCR_SF_DISTRICTS_POLY   DCR Service Forestry Districts
DCSITE98_PT   USGS Data Collection Stations
DEP_OSR_TRAILER_PT   MassDEP Oil Spill Response Trailers
DFWBATHY_ARC   Inland Water Bathymetry (1:10,000)
DFWCFR_ARC   MA DFW Coldwater Fisheries Resources (1:25,000)
DFWDISTRICTS_ARC   Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Districts (Arcs)
DFWDISTRICTS_POLY   Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Districts (Polygons)
DSGA_POLY   Designated Shellfish Growing Areas
DWMWPP_WATER_QUALITY_STATIONS   MassDEP 1994-2014 Water Monitoring Stations
ECOREGIONS_ARC   US EPA Ecoregions (Arcs)
ECOREGIONS_POLY   US EPA Ecoregions (Polygons)
EELGRASS1995_POLY   MassDEP Eelgrass 1995
EELGRASS2001_POLY   MassDEP Eelgrass 2001
EELGRASS2006_7_POLY   MassDEP Eelgrass 2006/07 (for Selected Embayments)
EELGRASS2010_13_POLY   MassDEP Eelgrass 2010-2013
EELGRASS2015_17_POLY   MassDEP Eelgrass 2015-2017
EELGRASS2019_22_POLY   MassDEP Eelgrass 2019-2022
EJ_POLY   Environmental Justice Populations (from 2010 U.S. Census)
EJ_POLY_2000   Environmental Justice Populations (from 2000 U.S. Census)
EJ_POLY_STATECRITSUM   Table - EJ Populations State Criteria Statistics
EJ_POLY_TOWNCRITSUM   Table - EJ Populations Town Criteria Statistics
EJ_POLY_TOWNSUM   Table - EJ Populations Town Summary Statistics
ELEVATIONS_PT   Digital Orthophoto Elevation Points
EOPS.POLICE_EMPLOYMENT_<year>_S_V   Police Employment By Municipality
EOPS.POLICE_EMPLOY_COLLEGES_<year>_S_V   Police Employment By Colleges and Universities
EOPS.UCR_<year>_S_V   Crime Statistics By Municipality
EOPS.UCR_COLLEGES_<year>_S_V   Crime Statistics By Colleges and Universities
EOTMAJROADS_RTE_MAJOR   MassDOT Major Highway Routes
EP_<1-12>_G   Potential Evaporation Grids
ESTHAB_POLY   NHESP Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife
ET_<1-12>_G   Crop Evapotranspiration Grids
EXITS_PT   Limited Access Highway Exits
FARMERSMARKETS_PT   Farmers' Markets
FEMA_NFHL_POLY   FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer
FISHTRAPS_PT   Fish Traps (Weirs)
GAGES94_PT   Stream-Gaging Stations
GEONAMES_ANNO_HYDRO   Annotation - Hydrography
GEONAMES_ANNO_HYPSO   Annotation - Hypsography
GEONAMES_ANNO_PLACES   Annotation - Place Names
GEONAMES_LINE_HYDRO   Geonames - Hydrography (lines)
GEONAMES_LINE_HYPSO   Geonames - Hypsography (lines)
GEONAMES_PT_HYPSO   Geonames - Hypsography (points)
GEONAMES_PT_PLACES   Geonames - Places (points)
GOVCOUNCIL_ARC   Governor's Council District Boundaries (2012) (Arcs)
GOVCOUNCIL_POLY   Governor's Council Districts (2012) (Polygons)
GRP_BOOMS_ARC   Geographic Response Plan Booms
GRP_OTHER_PT   Geographic Response Plan Other Points
GRP_TACTICS_PT   Geographic Response Plan Tactics Points
GWP_PT   Groundwater Discharge Permits
GWP_PT_LDT   Table - GWP Location Documentation
GWP_PT_USL   Table - GWP Unlocated Sites List
HLSPREGIONS_ARC   Homeland Security Planning Regions (Arcs)
HLSPREGIONS_POLY   Homeland Security Planning Regions (Polygons)
HOSPITALS_NONACUTE_PT   Non-acute Care Hospitals
HOSPITALS_PT   Acute Care Hospitals
HOUSE2012_ARC   MA House Districts (Arcs)
HOUSE2012_POLY   MA House Districts (Polygons)
HURR_INUN_ZONES_POLY   Hurricane Surge Inundation Zones
HYDRO_PALIS_LOOKUP   Table of PALIS IDs and pond and lake names
HYDRO_SARIS_LOOKUP   Table of SARIS IDs and stream and river names
HYDRO100K_ARC   Hydrography (1:100,000) (Arcs)
HYDRO100K_POLY   Hydrography (1:100,000) (Polygons)
HYDRO25K_ARC   Hydrography (1:25,000) (Arcs)
HYDRO25K_POLY   Hydrography (1:25,000) (Polygons)
HYDRO25K_POLY_M_PSC   Table - Hydro 25k Primary Source
HYDRONET_ARC   Networked Hydro Centerlines (Arcs)
HYDRONET_RTE_SARISRT   Networked Hydro Centerlines (Routes)
IL_2010_ARC   MassDEP 2010 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Arcs
IL_2010_POLY   MassDEP 2010 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Polygons
IL_2012_ARC   MassDEP 2012 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Arcs
IL_2012_POLY   MassDEP 2012 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Polygons
IL_2014_ARC   MassDEP 2014 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Arcs
IL_2014_POLY   MassDEP 2014 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Polygons
IL_2016_ARC   MassDEP 2016 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Arcs
IL_2016_POLY   MassDEP 2016 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Polygons
IL_2018_ARC   MassDEP 2018/2020 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Arcs
IL_2018_POLY   MassDEP 2018/2020 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Polygons
IL_ADB_2010   MassDEP 2010 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Assessment Database Table
IL_ADB_2012   MassDEP 2012 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Assessment Database Table
IL_ADB_2014   MassDEP 2014 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Assessment Database Table
IL_ATTAINS_2016   MassDEP 2016 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Attainment Status Database Table
IL_ATTAINS_2018   MassDEP 2018/2020 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Attainment Status Database Table
IL_DWM_WATERSHEDS_POLY   MassDEP DWM Watershed Delineations for use with the MassDEP 2010 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d))
IL_DWMWPP_WATERSHEDS_POLY   MassDEP DWM Watershed Delineations for use with the MassDEP 2012+ Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d))
IL_SEGDEF_2010   MassDEP 2010 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Summary Table
IL_SEGDEF_2012   MassDEP 2012 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Summary Table
IL_SEGDEF_2014   MassDEP 2014 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Summary Table
IL_SEGDEF_2016   MassDEP 2016 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Summary Table
IL_SEGDEF_2018   MassDEP 2018/2020 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) - Summary Table
IMG_BATHYMGM   Bathymetry for the Gulf of Main
IMG_COLOROQ1   Color Coastal Aerial Images (1994)
IMG_ELEV_LIDAR_INT   Lidar digital elevation model with integer values
IMG_ELEV5K   Digital Elevation Model (1:5,000) - Raster Dataset, floating point
IMG_ELEV5K_I   Digital Elevation Model (1:5,000) - Raster Dataset, integer
IMG_IMPERVIOUSSURFACE   Impervious Surface Raster Dataset
IMG_SHADEDRELIEF_LIDAR   Shaded Relief Raster Dataset from Lidar
IMG_SHADEDRELIEF2005   Shaded Relief Raster Dataset (2005)
IMG_SHDREL_NE   Shaded Relief Raster Dataset for areas outside Mass.
IMG_SHDREL24K   Shaded Relief (1:24,000) Raster Dataset
IMG_SHDREL5K   Shaded Relief (1:5,000) Raster Dataset
IMG_USGS_HIST_COASTAL   USGS Historical Coastal Topographic Map Image
IMG_USGSQUAD   1:25,000 USGS Topographic Quadrangle Images (raster catalog)
IMG_USGSQUADM   1:25,000 USGS Topographic Quadrangle Images (single raster dataset)
IMG_USGSQUAD_SGBASE   USGS 1:24,000 Surficial Geology Topographic Base Map Images (raster catalog)
IMG_WIND_SPD30M   Modeled Wind Speed Grid (at 30m)
IMG_WIND_SPD50M   Modeled Wind Speed Grid (at 50m)
IMG_WIND_SPD70M   Modeled Wind Speed Grid (at 70m)
IMG_WIND_SPD100M   Modeled Wind Speed Grid (at 100m)
IWPA_POLY   Interim Wellhead Protection Areas
IWPA_POLY_DISSOLVE   Interim Wellhead Protection Areas (Dissolved)
L3_ASSESS   Table - Level 3 Parcels Assessor Database
L3_LUT   Table - Level 3 Parcels Look-up for the L3_MISC_POLY.MISC_TYPE and L3_OTHLEG_POLY.LEGAL_TYPE domains
L3_MISC_POLY   Level 3 Parcels Miscellaneous Features
L3_OTHLEG_POLY   Level 3 Parcels Other Legal Interests in Land.
L3_PARCEL_FTP_LINKS   Level 3 Parcels FTP Links for SHP and file GDB data by municipality
L3_STATUS   Level 3 Parcels Status (polygon spatial view by municipality)
L3_TAXPAR_POLY   Level 3 Parcels that link to Assessor Table records
L3_TAXPAR_POLY_ASSESS   Export of a spatial view of Level 3 Parcels with Assessor Table records
L3_UC_LUT   Table - Level 3 Parcels Look-up for Assessor Table Use Codes
LANDCOVER_LANDUSE_POLY   Land Cover/Land Use (2016)
LANDCOVER_USE_INDEX_POLY   Land Cover/Land Use (2016) Tile Index
LANDUSE2005_POLY   Land Use (2005)
LANDUSE_POLY   Land Use (Polygons - 3 Years)
LANDUSE_POLY_HISTORY   Table - Landuse for 1951, 1990, 1991, 1997
LANDUSE_STATS_71   Table - Land Use Stats, 1971 Acres/Town
LANDUSE_STATS_7185   Table - Land Use Stats, Change, 1971-1985
LANDUSE_STATS_7199   Table - Land Use Stats, Change, 1971-1999
LANDUSE_STATS_85   Table - Land Use Stats, 1985 Acres/Town
LANDUSE_STATS_8599   Table - Land Use Stats, Change, 1985-1999
LANDUSE_STATS_99   Table - Land Use Stats, 1999 Acres/Town
LANDUSE_STATS_DEV   Table - Land Use Stats, Development
LANDUSE_STATS_Z71   Table - Land Use-Zoning Stats, 1971
LANDUSE_STATS_Z85   Table - Land Use-Zoning Stats, 1985
LANDUSE_STATS_Z99   Table - Land Use-Zoning Stats, 1999
LIBRARIES_PT   Libraries
LIDARINDEX_POLY_CURRENT   Index of the most current LiDAR data (Spatial view)
LIGHTHOUSES_PT   Lighthouses of the Coast of Massachusetts
LOBHARV_ARC   Lobster Harvest Zones (Arcs)
LOBHARV_POLY   Lobster Harvest Zones (Polygons)
LONGDISTTRAILS_ARC   Long Distance Trails
LONGTERMCARE_PT   Long Term Care Residences
LOWFLREG_POLY   USGS Hydrologic Regions
LUSTAT_ARC   Land Use Status (Arcs)
LUSTAT_POLY   Land Use Status (Polygons)
MA2000URBBND_POLY   Massachusetts 2000 Urban Boundaries
MAD_MSAG_COMMUNITY_POLYM   MSAG Communities (in MAD schema)
MADQT_ADDRESS_POINTS   Basic Address Points (in MAD schema)
MADQT_ADVANCED_ADDR   Advanced Address List (in MAD schema)
MADQT_BASIC_ADDR   Basic Address List (in MAD schema)
MAJBAS_ANNO_BASIN   Annotation - Major Basins
MAJBAS_ARC   Major Basins (Arcs)
MAJBAS_POLY   Major Basins (Polygons)
MAJBAS_POLY_AREA   Table - Area of Each Basin in Acres and Square Mile
MAJPOND_ANNO_POND   Major Ponds Annotation
MAJPOND_POLY   Major Ponds
MAJSTRM_ANNO_STRM   Major Stream Annotation
MAJSTRM_ARC   Major Streams
MARINEBEACHES_ARC   Marine Beaches (Arcs)
MARINEBEACHES_PT   Marine Beaches (Points)
MBTA_ARC   MBTA Subway Lines
MBTA_NODE   MBTA Subway Stations
MEGABASINS_ANNO_BASIN   Mega Basins Annotation
MEGABASINS_ARC   Mega Basins (Arcs)
MEGABASINS_POLY   Mega Basins (Polygons)
METOWNS_ARC   Maine Towns (Arcs)
METOWNS_POLY   Maine Towns (Polygons)
MHCINV_POLY   Mass. Historical Commission Inventory of Areas and Districts
MHCINV_PT   Mass. Historical Commission Inventory of Point Locations
MHCTOWNS_POLY   Mass. Historical Commission Status of Digital Inventory by Municipality
MHDDISTRICTS_ARC   MassHighway Districts (Arcs)
MHDDISTRICTS_POLY   MassHighway Districts
MILEPOSTS   Highway Mile Markers (in SETB schema)
MINLL10_ARC   Ten-Minute Latitude/Longitude Grid
MINLL1_ARC   One-Minute Latitude/Longitude Grid
MWRASERVICE_POLY   MWRA Water/Sewer Service Areas
NATCOMM_POLY   NHESP Natural Communities
NAUTICAL_ANNO_DESC   NOAA Chart Major Linework Annotation
NAUTICAL_ARC   NOAA Chart Major Linework
NEMASK_ARC   Northeast States Surrounding Mass. (Arcs)
NEMASK_POLY   Northeast States Surrounding Mass. (Polygons)
NEMASK_POLY_MASURVEY   Northeast States Surrounding Mass., with MA border from survey-based Towns (Polygons)
NEWENGLAND_ANNO_STATE   New England States Annotation
NEWENGLAND_POLY   New England States
NHTOWNS_ARC   New Hampshire Towns (Arcs)
NHTOWNS_POLY   New Hampshire Towns (Polygons)
NOAA.NOAA_<chartnumber>   NOAA Raster Navigational Charts (69 images)
NOAA.NOAA_INDEX_POLY   NOAA Raster Navigational Charts Index
NPDWSA_POLY   Non-Potential Drinking Water Source Areas
NRCSHUC_ANNO   NRCS HUC Basins (8,10,12) (Annotation)
NRCSHUC_ARC   NRCS HUC Basins (8,10,12) (Arcs)
NRCSHUC_POLY   NRCS HUC Basins (8,10,12) (Polygons)
NRCSHUC10_POLY   NRCS HUC Watersheds (10-digit)
NRCSHUC12_POLY   NRCS HUC Subwatersheds (12-digit)
NRCSHUC8_POLY   NRCS HUC Subbasins (8-digit) (Polygons)
NWI_POLY   National Wetlands Inventory (Polygons)
NWI_POLY_METADATA   National Wetlands Inventory Project Metadata
NYTOWNS_ARC   New York Towns (Arcs)
NYTOWNS_POLY   New York Towns (Polygons)
OFBA_PT   Office of Fishing and Boating Access Sites
OFFSH80K_ARC   Offshore Town Boundaries (Arcs)
OFFSH80K_POLY   Offshore Town Boundaries (Polygons)
OPENSPACE_ARC   Open Space (Arcs)
OPENSPACE_POLY   Open Space (Polygons)
OQISLE_POLY   Orthophoto Quad Index - Islands
OQMAIN_POLY   Orthophoto Index
ORW_ARC   Outstanding Resource Waters (Arcs)
ORW_POLY   Outstanding Resource Waters (Polygons)
OSNAMES   Table - OpenSpace Site Owners
OUTLINE25K_ARC   MA State Outline (25k coast) (Arcs)
OUTLINE25K_POLY   MA State Outline (25k coast) (Polygons)
OUTLINE_ARC   MA State Outline (100k coast) (Arcs)
OUTLINE_POLY   MA State Outline (100k coast) (Polygons)
OUTLINESURVEY_POLY   MA State Outline (100k coast) (Polygons)
PARKRIDELOTS_PT   Park and Ride Lots
PLACES_OF_WORSHIP_PT   Places of Worship
PRIHAB_POLY   NHESP Priority Habitats of Rare Species
PRIMEFOREST_POLY   Prime Forest Land
PRISONS_PT   Prisons
PRISONS_PT_LDT   Table - Location Documentation for Prisons
PVP_PT   NHESP Potential Vernal Pools
PWSDEP_PT   DEP Public Water Supplies
PWSDEP_PT_DRSBASINS   Table - Direct River Sources
PWSDEP_PT_LDT   Table - PWS Location Documentation
PWSDEP_PT_SWPBASINS   Table - Surface Water Supply Sources
PWSDEP_PT_WQTS   Table - Water Quality Testing System Info
PWSDEP_PT_Z2DAT   Table - DEP DWP Zone II Database
Q3FLOOD_POLY   FEMA Q3 Flood Zones from Paper FIRMs
Q3FLOOD_POLY_NO_NFHL   FEMA Q3 Flood Zones from Paper FIRMs where FEMA_NFHL_POLY data are not available
QRBATH_ARC   Quabbin Reservoir Bathymetry (Contours)
QRBATH_POLY   Quabbin Reservoir Bathymetry (Polygons)
QUADS_POLY   USGS Quadrangle Sheets
QUADS_POLY_DATE   Table - Date of Scanned Paper Quads
QUADSTICS_PT   USGS Quadrangle Sheets Corner Tics
REGCZM_POLY   Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Agency (CZM) Regions
REGDEEDS_POLY   Registries of Deeds Districts
REGDEP_ANNO_REG   MassDEP Region Annotation
REGDEP_ARC   MassDEP Regions (Arcs)
REGDEP_POLY   MassDEP Regions (Polygons)
REGDPHEPC_POLY   Mass. Emergency Preparedness Regional Coalitions
REGDPHEP_POLY   Mass. Emergency Preparedness Regions
REGEMS_ARC   MA Emergency Medical Services Regions (Arcs)
REGEMS_POLY   MA Emergency Medical Services Regions (Polygons)
REGEMS_POLY_TOWNS   Table - Towns in EMS Regions
REGEOHHS_ARC   MA Executive Office of Health & Human Services Regions (Arcs)
REGEOHHS_POLY   MA Executive Office of Health & Human Services Regions (Polygons)
REGMEMA_ARC   MEMA Regions (Arcs)
REGMEMA_POLY_TOWNS   Table - MEMA Regions Towns
RESTAREAS_PT   Rest Areas along major highways
RITOWNS_ARC   Rhode Island Towns (Arcs)
RITOWNS_POLY   Rhode Island Towns (Polygons)
RMVLOCS_PT   Registry of Motor Vehicles locations
ROOFPRINTS_POLY   Building/Structure Roofprints
RPAS_ANNO_RPA   Regional Planning Agencies Annotation
RPAS_ARC   Regional Planning Agencies (Arcs)
RPAS_POLY   Regional Planning Agencies (Polygons)
RTASMBTAHIGH_POLY   Regional Transit Authorities - MBTA Highest Assessment Area
RTASMBTAOTHER_POLY   Regional Transit Authorities - MBTA Other Served Areas
RTASMBTASEC_POLY   Regional Transit Authorities - MBTA Secondary Assessment Area
RTASNONMBTA_POLY   Regional Transit Authorities - Non-MBTA Polygons
SALTMARSHRSTR_PT   Salt Marsh Restoration Sites
SCENINV_POLY   Scenic Landscapes
SCHOOLDISTRICTS_POLY   Public School Districts
SCHOOLS_PT   Schools (PK - High School)
SEAMASK_POLY   Offshore Mask (Around USGS Quad Tiles)
SEAPORTS_PT   Seaports
SENATE2012_ARC   MA Senate Districts (Arcs)
SENATE2012_POLY   MA Senate Districts (Polygons)
SHELLFISHSUIT_POLY   Shellfish Suitability Areas
SHLFSHST_PT   Shellfish Sampling Stations
SOILINDEX_POLY   Soils 1/3-Quad Sheet Index
SOILINDEX_POLY_STATUS   Table - Soils 1/3-Quad editing status
SOILSPOT_ARC   Soil Spot Features (Arcs)
SOILSPOT_PT   Soil Spot Features (Points)
SOILSTAT_ARC   Soil Survey Area Index and Project Status (Arcs)
SOILSTAT_POLY   Soil Survey Area Index and Project Status (Polygons)
SOILS_POLY   Soils (Polygons)
SOILS_POLY_COCROPYLD   Table - Component Crop Yield
SOILS_POLY_CODES   Table - All codes used in Soils database
SOILS_POLY_COFORPROD   Table - Component Forest Productivity
SOILS_POLY_COHYDRICCRITERIA   Table - Component Hydric Criteria
SOILS_POLY_COINTERP   Table - Component Interpretation
SOILS_POLY_COMONTH   Table - Component Month
SOILS_POLY_COMPONENT   Table - Map Unit Component
SOILS_POLY_COPWINDBREAK   Table - Component Potential Windbreak
SOILS_POLY_CORESTRICTIONS   Table - Component Restrictions
SOILS_POLY_COSOILMOIST   Table - Component Soil Moisture
SOILS_POLY_COTREESTOMNG   Table - Component Trees To Manage
SOILS_POLY_FEATURE   Table - Special Feature Codes
SOILS_POLY_LEGEND   Table - Summary information on all available survey areas
SOILS_POLY_MAPUNIT   Table - Info. on All Components of a Map Unit
SOILS_POLY_MDSTATTABCOLS   Table - Table Column Static Metadata
SOILS_POLY_MUAGGATT   Table - Mapunit Aggregated Attribute
SOILS_POLY_MUCROPYLD   Table - Mapunit Crop Yield
SOILS_POLY_MUTEXT   Table - Mapunit Text
SOILS_POLY_PRIMEFARMLAND   Prime Farmland (Spatial view from SOILS_POLY, based on the FARMLNDCL field in SOILS_POLY_MAPUNIT.)
STELLBNK_ARC   Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary (Arcs)
STELLBNK_POLY   Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary (Polygons)
STEWARDSHIP_POLY   Forest Stewardship Program Properties
STRUCTURES_POLY   Building Structures (2-D, from 2011-2012 Ortho Imagery)
SUBBASINS_ARC   Sub-basin Boundaries (Arcs)
SUBBASINS_POLY   Sub-basin Boundaries (Polygons)
SURFGEO24K_EPG_POLY   Surficial Geology (1:24,000) - Early Postglacial
SURFGEO24K_PG_POLY   Surficial Geology (1:24,000) - Postglacial
SURFGEO24K_SD_POLY   Surficial Geology (1:24,000) - Stratified Deposits
SURFGEO24K_TB_POLY   Surficial Geology (1:24,000) - Till and Bedrock
SURFGEO24KSTATUS_POLY   Surficial Geology (1:24,000) Status Index
SURFGEO250K_POLY   Surficial Geology (1:250,000)
SW_LD_POLY   Solid Waste Land Disposal Facilities (all polygons)
SW_LD_POLY_ACTIVE   Active Solid Waste Landfills
SW_LD_POLY_ASH   Ash Landfills
SW_LD_POLY_CAPINCOMPLETE   Solid Waste Landfills: Cap Incomplete
SW_LD_POLY_CAPPED   Solid Waste Landfills: Capped
SW_LD_POLY_CLOSED   Closed Solid Waste Landfills
SW_LD_POLY_DAT   Table - Solid Waste Database Extract
SW_LD_POLY_DEMOLITION   Construction and Demolition Landfills
SW_LD_POLY_DUMPINGGROUND   Solid Waste Dumping Grounds (not "Landfills")
SW_LD_POLY_INACTIVE   Inactive Solid Waste Landfills
SW_LD_POLY_LANDFILLS   Solid Waste Landfills (all)
SW_LD_POLY_LINED   Solid Waste Landfills: Lined
SW_LD_POLY_LINERNONE   Solid Waste Landfills: Unlined
SW_LD_POLY_LINERUNKNOWN   Solid Waste Landfills: Liner Unknown
SW_LD_POLY_MSW   Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills
SW_LD_POLY_SLUDGE   Sludge Landfills
SW_LD_POLY_WOODWASTE   Woodwaste Landfills
SW_LD_PT   Solid Waste Land Disposal Facilities (Points)
SWP_WATERSHEDS_POLY   Surface Water Supply Watersheds
SWP_ZONES_POLY   Surface Water Supply Protection Areas (ZONE A, B, C)
THEME   Theme Inventory Table for Data Viewers
TIDALRST_PT   Tidal Restrictions
TITLE5_POLY   Title 5 Setback Areas
TOWNSSURVEY_ARC   Community Boundaries (Towns) from Survey Points
TOWNSSURVEY_POLY   Community Boundaries (Towns) from Survey Points
TOWNSSURVEY_POLYM   Community Boundaries (Towns) from Survey Points (Multi-part polygons)
TOWNSSURVEY_PT   Community Boundaries (Towns) from Survey Points
TOWNS_ANNO_BDY   Towns Annotation (Boundary)
TOWNS_ANNO_NAME   Towns Annotation
TOWNS_ARC   MA Towns (Arcs)
TOWNS_POLY   MA Towns (Polygons)
TOWNS_POLYM   MA Towns (Multi-part Polygons)
TOWNS_POLY_AREACODE   Table - Area Codes by Town
TOWNS_POLY_UTILITIES   Table - Public Utility Service Providers
TOWNS_POLY_V_CABLE   Cable Television service providers by municipality (spatial view)
TOWNS_POLY_V_ELEC   Electric service providers by municipality (spatial view)
TOWNS_POLY_V_GAS   Natural Gas service providers by municipality (spatial view)
TOWNS_POLY_V_CPA   Community Preservation Act (CPA) Towns (spatial view)
TOWNS_POP   Table - Estimated Population (2000-2007) by Town
TRAILS_ARC   Tracks and Trails
TRAINS_ANNO_COMM   Trains Annotation (Commuter Rail)
TRAINS_ANNO_LARGE   Trains Annotation (Comm. Rail, Large)
TRAINS_ANNO_LARGE2   Trains Annotation (Comm. Rail, Large2)
TRAINS_ARC   Trains (with MBTA Commuter Rail Lines)
TRAINS_NODE   MBTA Commuter Rail Stations
TRAINS_RTE_TRAIN   Trains (Routes, by Line)
TRANSLINES_ARC   Transmission Lines
USGSGRID_POLY   Digital USGS Quadrangle Sheets
VCCOASTALPLAINPOND_POLY   Coastal Plain Pond Systems
VCCOASTAL_POLY   Coastal Natural Community Systems
VCFOREST_POLY   Upland Forest
VCPEATLAND_POLY   Acidic Peatland Community Systems
VCPINEBARRENS2_POLY   Pine Barrens Nat. Comm. Sys. (UMass Pitch Pine)
VCPINEBARRENS_POLY   Pine Barrens Natural Community Systems
VCRIVERINE_POLY   Riverine Natural Community Systems
VCSANDPLAIN_POLY   Sandplain Natural Community Systems
VTTOWNS_ARC   Vermont Towns (Arcs)
VTTOWNS_POLY   Vermont Towns (Polygons)
WATERSHEDS_ARC   Watersheds (Arcs)
WATERSHEDS_POLY   Watershed (Polygons)
WATERTAXISTOPS_PT   Boston Harbor Water Taxi Stops
WBS2002_ARC   MassDEP 2002 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) (Arcs)
WBS2002_INTLST02   Table - Water Body System (2002) Database
WBS2002_POLY   MassDEP 2002 Integrated List of Waters (305(b)/303(d)) (Polygons)
WETCHANGE_POLY   MassDEP Wetlands (1:12,000) Change
WETLANDSDEP_A_WET   MassDEP Wetlands (2005) (Annotation)
WETLANDSDEP_ADHC_POLY   MassDEP Wetlands (2005) Human Altered Areas
WETLANDSDEP_ARC   MassDEP Wetlands (2005) (Arcs)
WETLANDSDEP_ORIG_A_WET   MassDEP Wetlands Original (1:12,000) (Annotation)
WETLANDSDEP_ORIG_ARC   MassDEP Wetlands Original (1:12,000) (Arcs)
WETLANDSDEP_ORIG_POLY   MassDEP Wetlands Original (1:12,000) (Polygons)
WETLANDSDEP_POLY   MassDEP Wetlands (2005) (Polygons)
WINDPOWERGRID50_POLY   Wind Power Density at 50m
WINDSPEEDGRID_POLY   Modeled Wind Speed Grid (Polygons)
ZIPCODES_NT_POLY   ZIP Codes (5-Digit) from HERE (Navteq)
ZONE1_POLY   MassDEP Approved Zone Is
ZONE1_POLY_DISSOLVE   MassDEP Approved Zone Is (Outlines)
ZONE2_POLY   MassDEP Approved Zone IIs
ZONE2_POLY_DISSOLVE   MassDEP Approved Zone IIs (Outlines)
ZOOMINV   Zoom Inventory Table for Data Viewers

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