Behavioral health disaster response trainings

Information about Psychological First Aid Training and Building Psychological Resilience

Psychological First Aid Training

In an effort to strengthen the behavioral health disaster response capacity throughout the Commonwealth, Psychological First Aid training is made available by the Department of Public Health, in cooperation with the Department of Mental Health and Boston Medical Center's Center for Multicultural Mental Health. The classroom-based training provides practical information and skills to attendees to help meet the immediate behavioral health needs of individuals impacted by a traumatic event. This training is appropriate for first responders, disaster response volunteers, public health and healthcare workers, and those in the helping professions. For more information about the Psychological First Aid training, please visit the website or call (617) 414-4650.

Dealing with Stress in Disasters: Building Psychological Resilience (online training)

The goal of this module is to train public health workers and emergency responders to identify and cope with stressful situations and to develop psychological resilience that will mitigate the emotional toil that emergencies and disasters take. Ideally, this will enable them to function more effectively as the work to ensure the health and safety of people affected by disaster; to help them to cope with these devastating situations; and to re-establish normal function.