Board of Registration in Nursing staff

The name and title of Board of Registration in Nursing staff members.

Board staff members

Board of Registration in Nursing Staff


Board Leadership

Dr. Lorena Silva MSN-L, MBA, DNP, RN        Executive Director

Dr. Claire MacDonald, DNP, RN                      Deputy Executive Director  


Board Staff

S. Allen                                                            Administrative Assistant

C. Andfield                                                       Office Support Specialist 1      

H. Cambra, BSN, RN, JD                                Complaint Resolution Coordinator

H. Cains Robson, MSN, MHA, RN                  Nursing Education Coordinator

M. Campbell RN, JD                                        Nursing Investigations Supervisor

A. Fein BSN, RN, JD                                       Complaint Resolution Coordinator

S. Gaun                                                            Office Support Specialist I

M. Gilmore MSN, RN                                       SARP Coordinator

S. Hall                                                              Administrative Assistant

K. Jones                                                           Probation Compliance Officer

A. MacDonald DNP, PHNL, RN                       Nursing Education Coordinator

M. Matthews, BSN, RN                                    Compliance Officer

S. Muise, BSN, RN                                           Compliance Officer

A. Pettigrew                                                      Compliance Officer

P. Scott                                                             Licensing Coordinator

J. Scranton, LPN                                              Compliance Officer

L. Talarico MS, RN, CNP                                 Nursing Practice Coordinator

L. Woodward, RN                                            Compliance Officer


Board Counsel

O. Atueyi JD

B. Oldmixon JD, MPH


L. Talarico MS, RN, CNP                               Nursing Practice Coordinator

L. Woodward, RN                                          Compliance Officer


Board Council

O. Atueyi JD

B. Oldmixon JD, MPH