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Boating Infrastructure Grant funding opportunities

Learn about opportunities to fund recreational boater facilities in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Boating Infrastructure Grant (MA-BIG) Program funds new or upgraded boater facilities. Funds can only be used on facilities for transient recreational boats 26 feet or longer.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (USFWS) Sport Fish Restoration Program provides funding. There are two tiers of funding available.

Fiscal Year 2020 Program

The Massachusetts Boating Infrastructure Grant (MA-BIG) Program will not be submitting any proposals during the USFWS FY2020 funding opportunity round. Due to changes to federal regulations governing the administration of federal grant awards and related audit requirements, MA-BIG will take the next year to reevaluate our program. During this time we will be reviewing our application process and our subrecipient assessment, monitoring and oversight in order to assure full implementation of the requirements under both 2 CFR 200, The Uniform Guidance, and OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States, in time for the FY2021 BIG funding round.

Tier I funding

Tier I funding is for smaller projects that enhance transient boater facilities. Past projects added moorings, navigational buoys, and bathrooms for visiting boaters. Federal funding allows each state up to $200,000 to fund Tier I projects each fiscal year. MA-BIG is a match-reimbursement program where each applicant must provide at least 25 percent of total project funds, up to the amount awarded by USFWS.

Tier II funding

Tier II funding is for larger projects that create new boater facilities or grow existing facilities. Tier II proposals are in-depth and compete for funding against other states. We recommend the applicant contribute more than 25 percent of matching funds. The National Review Panel scores and ranks these projects. The USFWS awards funds that create the greatest benefit to owners of large recreational boats.

More Info

All applications, whether Tier I or Tier II, must meet strict federal and state program criteria.

All projects are subject to standard federal, state and/or local permitting processes.

Applications are due by August 1st for availability the following year. All funds are based on Federal availability.

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