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Bulk Purchasing of Naloxone

Municipalities and state entities can purchase naloxone through the State Office of Pharmacy Services (SOPS).

SOPS bulk purchasing program

In order to be eligible to purchase naloxone through SOPS, a state agency or municipality will need to have an active Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR). Naloxone purchased through SOPS can be purchased at the cost negotiated between the Commonwealth and a pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Program FAQs

How much will Naloxone cost through SOPS?

The cost of Naloxone fluctuates depending on the statewide wholesaler’s negotiated rate with SOPS.  Costs are subject to change without notice. Rates are as follows (as of 11/01/2021):

  • Naloxone 2mg/2ml Syringe: $13.68 each
  • Nasal Atomizer: $6.58 each
  • Naloxone 4mg Nasal Spray: $70.76 per box (contains two doses)
  • Kloxxado® 8mg Nasal Spray: $56.61 per box (contains two doses) (*Temporary price through December 31, 2021)

For municipal first responders (fire & police departments), and houses of corrections, the cost for the following are discounted to (subject to available funds):

  • Naloxone 2mg/2ml Syringe: $13.68 each
  • Naloxone 4mg Nasal Spray: $40.00 per box (contains two doses)
  • Kloxxado® 8mg Nasal Spray: $40.00 per box (contains two doses)

Is there naloxone administration training available for those not currently trained?

Information and resources related to training can be found here. Your training must be approved by your medical director. If you have questions about training, please contact MaryKate Duska at

How do I purchase naloxone?

The mechanism used to purchase naloxone depends on whether your organization has access to a municipal medical facility with a DEA and State licensed pharmacy.

Purchasing organizations that have access: may purchase naloxone directly from the Statewide Contract MED38, and must set up an account with the Statewide Contract vendor, Cardinal Health. Please refer to the MED38 Contract User Guide for ordering instructions, and Cardinal Health contact information.

Purchasing organizations that do not have access: may purchase Naloxone from the Statewide Contract MED38 through designated personnel at SOPS. The designated personnel will accept purchasing requests and payments, and will forward the shipments to the requested location.

Who do I contact to purchase Naloxone through SOPS? 

Purchase requests should be forwarded to the following individuals at SOPS:

Primary Contact:

Alternate Contacts:

Orders are usually shipped the same day a request is received, and take approximately two days to be delivered. SOPS will provide tracking information, and an invoice with the order confirmation. Payment must be made by check, and returned to the SOPS offices in Tewksbury, MA.

Are there any restrictions as to whom can purchase naloxone?

Any first responder municipality or house of correction with a valid MCSR can purchase naloxone through SOPS.