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Capital Benchmarks

Public Housing Reform Legislation (Chapter 235 of the Acts of 2014) mandated that the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and Local Housing Authorities (LHAs) become more transparent about operations and performance.

Program Information

In conjunction with the launch of a new performance monitoring program, DHCD is sharing capital program benchmark data with the public. Internally, DHCD uses this information to manage the use of annual bond cap and to identify policy, program, and technical assistance needs. Externally, this information is meant to facilitate productive conversations between residents, LHA staff, and other stakeholders on how to best preserve and sustain state-funded public housing.

DHCD releases an annual Benchmark Document on the capital program performance for each LHA. There are two reports contained in the annual Benchmark Document:

  • The Capital Spending Report presents the performance of all LHAs in terms of meeting spending targets during the previous three years of the Formula Funding (FF) program. 
  • The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Submission Report lists the status of each LHA’s most recently required CIP (Submitted or Not Submitted).


FY13-15 Benchmark (released 12/18/2015)
FY 16-18 Benchmark