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Changes for the upcoming winter season

Expect the following changes for the upcoming 2020 through 2021 winter season:

GPS/AVL pilot program expansion to include more depots and vendor vehicles. We will inform you prior to the beginning of the snow and ice season if you will be involved. We will guide you through the installation process.

We expect to expand this program further in upcoming snow and ice seasons.

Material spreaders' spinner height will be 16" (+/- 4") above the pavement.

For this 2020-2021 Snow & Ice season

  • This season there will be two (2) compliance deadlines instead of three (3). October 9th, 2020 will be the paperwork deadline, including vehicle registrations. Note that picture submissions will only be necessary for new or modified equipment. November 7th, 2020 will be the deadline for Equipment Inspections and Calibrations. Please see the Snow & Ice Control Agreement for details.
  • Attention District 3 Vendors: The District 3 Headquarters has moved to 499 Plantation Parkway, Worcester, MA, 01605.
  • Subject to change, and due to restrictions preventing us from allowing Vendors to walk-in Vendor Agreement paperwork to District Headquarters, we are planning on accepting paperwork submissions only by email and paper-based mail-ins, as described in Attachment H. Furthermore, payment invoices will be emailed to vendors and then presumptively approved as described in Attachment H. If you have not provided a valid email address to the MassDOT Snow & Ice program, it is imperative that you do so prior to the 2020-2021 season.
  • Vendors operating equipment which dispenses liquid deicers shall supply their own related safety equipment, including impermeable gloves and eye protection. This change is necessary to prevent possible person-to-person infection transmission from shared gloves and eye protection.

Online portal for 2020-2021 Snow & Ice season

At MassDOT's discretion, Vendors may be requested to utilize an online portal for uploading required information, submitting documentation, correspondence and invoicing. You will be advised and guided through the process prior to the 2020-2021 Snow & Ice season. This paperless system streamlines the document submission process. Once the paperless online portal is activated, Vendors who choose not to submit required documents online may be ineligible for Early Sign-Up and Extended Season bonuses. If you have not provided a valid email address to the MassDOT Snow & Ice program, you must do so to participate in the online paperwork submission process.

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