Charging more than the DIA allows

When an impartial physician may ask for more money than allowed under the statue.

Additional fees

By law and regulation, you are paid $650 per exam. Funding for the exam comes from the party or parties appealing the judge's conference order. Attorneys for the parties submit the medical record to the judge. On occasion, an assignment comes with an uncommonly large volume of records [or the nature of the case requires extensive research.] In such an instance, you may contact the Impartial Unit and clearly state why an additional fee should be allowed. The Impartial Unit can ask the judge to advise the parties of your request, and, if a party is willing to pay the additional charge, then you would be so notified. If not, you would be entitled to return the medical records and decline the examination. The Impartial Unit reassigns such cases to another physician more often than it requests an additional fee.