Check eligibility to register as a consultant with the Radiation Control Program

You must be qualified to register as a consultant to perform duties involving radiation or radioactive materials.

Consultant services that are eligible for registration include:

  • Installation and/or servicing of x-ray equipment
  • Calibration of radiation measurement equipment
  • Personnel dosimetry services
  • Health Physics services:
    • Shielding Design
    • Diagnostic Radiology (ex. mammo)
    • Therapy Medical Physics
    • Mammography Medical Physics

Areas that are not eligible are:

  1. Calibration services for radiation measurement instruments used in surveying or monitoring non-radiation machines (i.e. radioactive materials) or related items is not applicable to this section
  2. Decontamination services
  3. Radioactive material leak testing services

These categories require you to have a radioactive material license. Learn how to apply for a radioactive material license.


To be eligible for registration, you must meet the following requirements according to your field of service. Please refer to the CMR that relates to your category.

Medical Physicist qualifications

Individuals providing Mammography Medical Physics support must meet the requirements of 105 CMR 127.013(A).

Radiation Therapy Physics qualifications

Individuals providing Radiation Therapy Physics support must meet the requirements of 105 CMR 120.433(D).

Teletherapy and High Dose Radiation Physics

Individuals providing Teletherapy and High Dose Radiation Physics support must meet the requirements of 105 CMR 120.574.


There are no other regulations regarding any of the other categories of consultants.


You must attach a document that supports your designation as a Radiation Safety Responsible Individual. Proper evidence may include:

  • Diploma
  • Certification
  • Training documentation

Additional Resources for Qualifications

Consultant Database

The RCP maintains, in the Consultants Database, the following categories of consultants for dissemination to the public:

  • All registered consultants
  • X-ray machine and associated meter calibrators
  • X-ray machine installer
  • Diagnostic radiology health physics services
  • Dosimetry providers for employees working with radiation machines
  • Mammography Medical Physics
  • Radiation shielding
  • Radiation therapy health physics
  • Dump call
  • Electromagnetic frequency and other non-ionizing radiations (i.e. RF, MW, EMF, ELF, etc.)
  • Other consultant (includes waste brokers & processor services)


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