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Commercial truck regulations

Permits are necessary if your truck exceeds certain state regulations. Make sure you know if your truck meets or exceeds these regulations.


If you're applying for a truck permit, you first want to check if your truck meets the state's regulations. Your truck’s weight and height is taken into consideration before it requires an oversize/overweight permit.

Legislation Regarding Dimensions and Weights of Trucks and Trailers

Weight limitations

Your truck requires a permit if it exceeds:

  • Motor vehicle (2 axles) - 46,000 lbs.
  • Vehicle or vehicle combination (3 axles) - 73,000 lbs.
  • Vehicle or vehicle combinations (4 axles) - 87,000 lbs.
  • Vehicle or vehicle combinations (5+ axles) - 99,000 lbs.

Your truck will also require a permit if the weight on any axle exceeds:

  • Axles spaced less than 6 ft. apart - 18,000 lbs.
  • Axles spaced more than 6 ft. apart - 22,400 lbs.
  • Overall gross weight of 2 or more consecutive axles - 80,000 lbs.

Height limitations

Your truck will not require a special permit if it does not exceed:

  • A width, including load, of 8 ft. 6 in. (If using tunnels)
  • A height, including load, of 13 ft. (If not using tunnels)

There are also restrictions on your vehicle’s height depending on the route you are travelling and the vehicle type. Below are the maximum heights allowed per way and type of vehicle. 

Way Maximum Vehicle Height
Turnpike  13 feet 6 inches
Ted Williams Tunnel  13 feet 6 inches
Callahan Tunnel  12 feet 6 inches
Sumner Tunnel  12 feet 6 inches
O'Neill Tunnel (I-93)  13 feet 6 inches
CANA (City Square) Tunnel  13 feet 6 inches
Other Locations Not Listed  13 feet 6 inches


Length limitations

Type of Vehicle Maximum Vehicle Length
Motor vehicle not listed  33 feet
Vehicle combination not listed other than semi trailer  60 feet
Articulated bus  60 feet
Auto home  40 feet
Automobile transporter (traditional)  65 feet
Automobile transporter (stinger-steered)  75 feet
Boat transporter (traditional)  65 feet
Boat transporter (stinger-steered)  75 feet
Boat transporter (truck trailer)  65 feet
Bus or school bus  45 feet
House trailer  40 feet
Saddlemount combination  75 feet
Semi-trailer  53 feet
Trailer in tractor-trailer combination  53 feet
Trailer not in tractor-trailer combination  33 feet
Truck  40 feet