Commissioners & Staff

MCSW is comprised of 19 volunteer commissioners and two dedicated staff members


Who We Are

MCSW is composed of women from diverse racial, sexual, socio-economic and religious backgrounds, representing counties and municipalities from across the state. Their commitment to improving the status of women in society is evident within their professional endeavors, and their contributions to MCSW stand true to its underlying mission. Their biographies highlighting some of their notable work within and outside of MCSW are linked below.

All commissioners are appointed by one of the four appointing authorities: Five commissioners are appointed by the Governor, four by the Senate President, four by Speaker of the House, and six by the Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators. The commissioners are sworn in by the Secretary of State or another authorized designee and serve for up-to 3 terms (renewable). 

Interested in becoming appointed as a commissioner? Contact one of the appointing authorities to find out their respective policies and timelines for appointments. Prospective commissioners may also contact our Director, Jill Ashton (, for additional information regarding the nomination process and expected responsibilities.

As a Commission, we are empowered to: 

  • Study, review and report on the status of women in the Commonwealth
  • Advise executive and legislative bodies on the effect of proposed legislation on women
  • Inform leaders of business, education, health care, state and local governments and the communications media of issues pertaining to women
  • Provide referrals and serve as a resource of information on issues pertaining to women
  • Identify and recommend qualified women for positions at all levels of government
  • Promote and facilitate collaboration among local women's commissions and among women’s organizations in the state
  • Serve as a liaison between government and private interest groups concerned with issues affecting women
  • Assess programs and practices in all state agencies as they affect women

Commissioner Bios

Margot Parrot
Mary-dith tuitt
Nina Kimball
Sarah la Cour


Tahira Amatal-Wadud
Penny Blaisdell""


Denella Clark
Marianne Fleckner


Becca Glenn
Denise Hurst


Maria Puppolo
Sarah Schnorr
Lauren Scribi
Reena Thadhani

Staff Bios

Jill Ashton

Commissioners Emeritae







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