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Communities whose cable rates are unregulated

Cable rates are unregulated in communities that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deems to have effective competition and in communities that have not requested rate regulation.

Effective competition

Effective Competition is defined by Section 623(l)(1) of the Federal Communications Act of 1934 as amended:

  1. The term ''effective competition'' means that--
    1. Fewer than 30 percent of the households in the franchise area subscribe to the cable service of a cable system;
    2. The franchise area is--
      • Served by at least two unaffiliated multichannel video programming distributors each of which offers comparable video programming to at least 50 percent of the households in the franchise area; and
      • The number of households subscribing to programming services offered by multichannel video programming distributors other than the largest multichannel video programming distributor exceeds 15 percent of the households in the franchise area;
    3. A multichannel video programming distributor operated by the franchising authority for that franchise area offers video programming to at least 50 percent of the households in that franchise area; or
    4. A local exchange carrier or its affiliate (or any multichannel video programming distributor using the facilities of such carrier or its affiliate) offers video programming services directly to subscribers by any means (other than direct-to-home satellite services) in the franchise area of an unaffiliated cable operator which is providing cable service in that franchise area, but only if the video programming services so offered in that area are comparable to the video programming services provided by the unaffiliated cable operator in that area.

Communities with effective competition and not subject to rate regulation

Operators Communities FCC order
Comcast Boston DA 16-1389
Time Warner Adams DA 16-611
Comcast Ashby DA-16-437
Comcast Ashland DA-16-437
Comcast Bellingham DA-16-437
Comcast Billerica DA-16-437
Comcast Chelmsford DA-16-437
Comcast Cohasset DA-16-437
Comcast Danvers DA-16-437
Comcast Dover DA-16-437
Comcast Duxbury DA-16-437
Comcast Easton DA-16-437
Comcast Foxborough DA-16-437
Comcast Hanover DA-16-437
Comcast Hingham DA-16-437
Comcast Holliston DA-16-437
Comcast Hopedale DA-16-437
Comcast Hull DA-16-437
Comcast Lakeville DA-16-437
Comcast Leominster DA-16-437
Comcast Marblehead DA-16-437
Comcast Maynard DA-16-437
Comcast Medway DA-16-437
Comcast Mendon DA-16-437
Comcast Middleton DA-16-437
Comcast Milford DA-16-437
Comcast Millis DA-16-437
Comcast Norfolk DA-16-437
Comcast North Andover DA-16-437
Comcast Norwell DA-16-437
Comcast Randolph DA-16-437
Comcast Shirley DA-16-437
Comcast Stow DA-16-437
Comcast Templeton DA-16-437
Comcast Topsfield DA-16-437
Comcast Walpole DA-16-437
Comcast Wayland DA-16-437
Comcast Weston DA-16-437
Comcast Wrentham DA-16-437
Comcast Chelsea DA-15-1441
Comcast Malden DA-15-1441
Comcast Medford DA-15-1441
Time Warner Clarksburg DA 15-164
Time Warner North Adams DA 15-164
Comcast North Attleboro DA 14-407
  Mansfield FCC Erratum Mansfield
Comcast Taunton FCC Erratum Mansfield
Charter Boylston DA 13-2197
Charter Leicester DA 13-2197
Charter Northbridge DA 13-2197
Charter Barre DA 13-2008
Charter Berlin DA 13-2008
Charter Douglas DA 13-2008
Charter Grafton DA 13-2008
Charter Groton DA 13-2008
Charter Hinsdale DA 13-2008
Charter Hubbardston DA 13-2008
Charter Lanesborough DA 13-2008
Charter Millbury DA 13-2008
Charter Millville DA 13-2008
Charter North Brookfield DA 13-2008
Charter Northborough DA 13-2008
Charter Oakham DA 13-2008
Charter Oxford DA 13-2008
Charter Rutland DA 13-2008
Charter Southborough DA 13-2008
Charter Southbridge DA 13-2008
Charter Sutton DA 13-2008
Charter Webster DA 13-2008
Charter Westborough DA 13-2008
Charter Westport DA 13-2008
Charter West Stockbridge DA 13-2008
Time Warner Cheshire DA 11-270
Comcast Braintree DA 10-847
Comcast Bedford DA 10-848
Comcast Canton DA 10-848
Comcast Lawrence DA 10-848
Comcast Lynnfield DA 10-848
Comcast Marion DA 10-848
Comcast Mattapoisett DA 10-848
Comcast Medfield DA 10-848
Comcast Melrose DA 10-848
Comcast Methuen DA 10-848
Comcast Middleborough DA 10-848
Comcast Norwood DA 10-848
Comcast Rochester DA 10-848
Comcast Tyngsborough DA 10-848
Comcast Wilmington DA 10-848
Comcast Salisbury DA 08-2632
Comcast Rowley DA 08-2633
Comcast Sherborn DA 08-2633
Comcast Abington DA 08-1594
Comcast Aquinnah DA 08-1594
Comcast Bourne DA 08-1594
Comcast Carver DA 08-1594
Comcast Chilmark DA 08-1594
Comcast Edgartown DA 08-1594
  Falmouth DA 08-1594
Comcast Halifax DA 08-1594
Comcast Kingston DA 08-1594
Comcast Marshfield DA 08-1594
Comcast Oak Bluffs DA 08-1594
Comcast Pembroke DA 08-1594
Comcast Plymouth DA 08-1594
Comcast Plympton DA 08-1594
Comcast Rockland DA 08-1594
Comcast Sandwich DA 08-1594
Comcast Tisbury DA 08-1594
Comcast West Tisbury DA 08-1594
Comcast Fitchburg DA 08-1507
Comcast Marlborough DA 08-1507
Comcast Nahant DA 08-1507
Comcast North Reading DA 08-1507
Comcast Stoneham DA 08-1507
Comcast Sudbury DA 08-1507
Comcast Swampscott DA 08-1507
Comcast Tewksbury DA 08-1507
Comcast Wellesley DA 08-1507
Comcast Wenham DA 08-1507
Comcast West Newbury DA 08-1507
Comcast Westwood DA 08-1507
Comcast Winchester DA 08-1507
Comcast Woburn DA 08-1507
Comcast Nantucket DA 08-1334
Comcast Truro DA 08-1334
Comcast Westminster DA 08-1334
Comcast Ashburnham DA 08-1215
Comcast Brookline DA 08-1215
Comcast Burlington DA 08-1215
Comcast Framingham DA 08-1215
Comcast Natick DA 08-1215
Comcast Waltham DA 08-1215
Comcast Wakefield DA 08-1215
Comcast Watertown DA 08-1215
Comcast Hudson DA 08-773
Comcast Huntington DA 08-773
Comcast Monson DA 08-773
Comcast Northfield DA 08-773
Comcast Seekonk DA 08-773
Comcast Shelburne DA 08-773
Comcast Townsend DA 08-773
Comcast Wareham DA 08-773
Comcast Westford DA 08-773
Comcast Winchendon DA 08-773
Comcast and RCN Arlington DA-99-1686
Comcast and RCN Newton DA-99-1686
Comcast and RCN Lexington DA-02-3376A1
Comcast and RCN Dedham DA-03-28A1
Comcast and RCN Needham DA-03-28A1
Comcast and RCN Somerville DA 99-285
Comcast and Time Warner Athol DA 08-875
Comcast and Time Warner Great Barrington DA 08-875
Comcast and Time Warner Orange DA 08-875
Comcast and Time Warner Sheffield DA 08-875


Communities that have not requested rate regulation

The Department regulates rates only in those communities that have requested rate regulation. While Massachusetts law and regulation provide that the Department may regulate rates for a municipality "upon its own motion," the Department's longstanding practice is to exercise its authority upon a municipality's request to do so. As of 2015, 18 municipalities had not requested rate regulation.

West Tisbury


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