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Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative (CCERI) Round 3 Grant Awards

CCERI Round 3 was announced on 9/22/2016 and is part of the Commonwealth's $40M Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative. DOER CCERI Round 3 is split into 3 programs: Resiliency Implementation at Hospitals, Feasibility Studies for State Owned Medical
DOER CCERI Round 3 is split into 3 programs: Resiliency Implementation at Hospitals, Feasibility Studies for State Owned Medical Facilities, and Resiliency Tool Development. 

Resiliency Implementation at Hospitals

  • Up to $11.5 million dollars is available under this solicitation for project implementation of resiliency capabilities added to clean energy technologies at hospitals for resiliency, specifically the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of eligible technology systems.  The funding will only cover the resiliency components (e.g. energy storage, switch gear, transfer switch, load controls, etc.) of the clean energy system, and as such will not cover funding of the generation technology (e.g. combined heat and power (CHP), solar, wind, etc.).
  • Program Opportunity Noticed posted on COMMBUYS 12/5/16
  • Questions were due by 12/23/16
  • Applications were due 3/17/17
  • This opportunity is open to both Public and Private Hospitals

Feasibility Studies for State Owned Medical Facilities

  • DOER will contract for clean energy resiliency feasibility studies to be performed at state medical facilities.
  • Notice of Intent posted on COMMBUYS 11/8/16

Resiliency Tool Development

  • Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Community Tool will utilize data, maps, and analytics to help assess infrastructure risk and vulnerabilities and provide guidance on strategic improvements and investments to improve resiliency
  • The tool will be applicable both to State Agencies and for Communities to perform self-assessments
  • The tool will include a repository of adaptation actions, case studies, and grant and assistance opportunities

More Information

DOER contact for further information (not including questions on the PON  contents):

DOER hosted webinars to support the Community Clean Energy Resiliency initiative:

  • overview of the initiative
  • explanation of the technical assistance opportunity and the services provided by our consulting team
  • explanation of the project implementation opportunity

Slides and recordings are posted of the live webinar sessions.


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