Community dispensing of naloxone

Many first responders, health and human services workers, and other community workers are authorized to dispense naloxone to individuals for their personal use.

For information on obtaining naloxone to administer in the event of an overdose, please see our Bulk Purchasing of Naloxone page


Certain community workers may dispense naloxone under the Standing Order for Community Dispensing of Naloxone  (PDF)(DOCX). Please review the standing order document to determine eligibility. 

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies are authorized to distribute leave-behind naloxone under the Massachusetts Pre-Hospital Statewide Treatment Protocols 2021.2, Section 6.13, with approval from the agency’s Affiliate Hospital Medical Director.

MA Controlled Substances Registration (MCSR)

To dispense naloxone, all entities must hold an active, valid MCSR for naloxone or Schedule VI medications. Please find information about applying for an MCSR.

Once an entity has an active, valid MCSR, they may begin purchasing and dispensing naloxone. For information on how to purchase naloxone at public interest pricing through the State Office of Pharmacy Services (SOPS), refer to the instructions below for your agency type.

SOPS Purchasing: Municipal Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services associated with Municipal Police or Fire

These agencies may purchase naloxone through the SOPS bulk purchasing program, without any further approval from the Department of Public Health, as long as the entity has an active, valid MCSR.

SOPS Purchasing: All Other Eligible Entities

All entities that are not a municipal police or fire agency must be approved as an affiliate program through the Community Naloxone Purchasing Program (CNPP) to purchase naloxone through the SOPS bulk purchasing program.

Please find information on the CNPP and instructions on how to apply. Agencies approved as CNPP affiliate programs will receive further communications from the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services on how to purchase naloxone through SOPS, once their application is approved.

The CNPP offers an opportunity for agencies to obtain an MCSR through the application process. Therefore, entities currently without an active, valid MCSR for naloxone or Schedule VI programs are welcome to apply. Additionally, subsidies to help offset the costs of naloxone are available to those who apply.