Concession Permit Ideas and Proposals

You can propose ideas and proposals for the permitting and use of DCR properties.

Submitting your idea

If you have a proposed idea for a concession or the use of a DCR property, you should first contact the DCR Park Supervisor to discuss the feasibility of your idea.

If the Park Supervisor thinks your idea seems feasible, you will have to prepare a written letter with your proposal. The letter should include all relevant details about your idea, including the location, diagrams, maps, proposed  market and demographic information, how the proposed concession fits the Mission of DCR, what fees will be charged to the public (if any), and the proposed business model.

Next Steps

Your proposal will be reviewed by various DCR sub-departments (such as Engineering, Fire Control, Legal, etc.) and some other state agencies such as the Mass. Historical Commission or the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection.

When reviewing your proposal, these organizations need to consider safety, operations, other users, nearby neighbors and businesses, the nature of the location, and other concerns.

If your proposal is accepted, DCR may offer the proposed location and an opportunity to obtain a permit under an RFP posted on the COMMBUYS site.