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See the staff, roles, and contact information for those in the Office of Emergency Medical Services.

Certification, Education, and Clinical

Name Functions
OEMS Recertification
  • General questions regarding Certification and Recertification
OEMS Continuing Education
  • General questions regarding Continuing Education
Lynne Doyle
  • ALS Certification & Recertification
  • ALS/BLS Reinstatements
Daniel Saxe
  • Initial and Continuing Education Standards
  • Certification and Recertification
  • Training Inspections and Accreditation
Sherwin Erfani
  • General Certification/Recertification Questions
  • Special Credit Review
  • Incoming/Outgoing State Verifications
Liz Dennery
  • Duplicate Card and Name Changes
  • One Year Alignment
Patricia Reilly
  • Clinical Coordination
  • Protocol Development
  • Special Project Waivers
  • Education
Dr. Jonathan Burstein
  • State EMS Medical Director

Ambulance Regulation Program

Name Functions
Philip Bonaiuto
  • ARP Field Supervisor
  • Inspector
David Fletcher
  • Ambulance Inspector
Timothy Heuer
  • Ambulance Inspector
Ivy Jean-Baptiste
  • Administrative Assistant
  • ARP Coordinator
OEMS Ambulance
  • General questions for the Ambulance Regulation Program

Data Systems

Name Functions
Ridgely Ficks
  • Data Systems
  • Grants
Katarina Jones
  • Data Systems
Rashmi Nagaraj
  • Data Systems

Compliance & Investigations

Name Functions
Serious Incident Reporting
  • Self-Reporting of Incidents by ambulance services
Complaint Submission
  • Submission of complaints by the public regarding EMTs, ambulance services, and training institutions
Renee Atherton
  • Compliance Coordinator
  • Clinical Issues & Protocol Development
Brendan Murphy
  • Compliance Investigator
  • Emergency Preparedness



Policy and Regulatory Development

Name Functions
Silva Cameron
  • Manager, Policy and Regulatory Development
  • Compliance Unit Manager


Name Functions

Mark Miller

  • Director of OEMS


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