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CZM Public Notices

Find links to these listings from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Please Note: All official CZM notices are published in the Public Notices section of the Environmental Monitor, the bi-weekly publication from the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) office. CZM federal consistency review notices are published in the Environmental Monitor alone.

Public Notices

Notice to Proceed for Edgartown Municipal Harbor Plan - On April 25, the Notice to Proceed for the Edgartown Harbor Plan (PDF, 809 KB) was issued by CZM. The harbor planning area encompasses the Inner Harbor and Outer Harbor, adjacent Katama Bay and Cape Poge Bay, Island of Chappaquiddick, shellfish grounds of Cape Poge Bay, and Katama Bay. As described in the Request for a Notice to Proceed, the Town seeks to create a plan that balances commercial and recreational harbor uses, natural resource protection, and community character and historic preservation, and assesses the vulnerability of critical harbor infrastructure and historic structures to coastal flooding and sea level rise. For questions, please contact Steve McKenna, CZM Cape Cod and Islands Regional Coordinator, at stephen.mckenna@mass.gov.

Comment Opportunities

NEW: Designation Report for the East Boston Designated Port Area (DPA) Boundary—Comment Period Extended - On December 15, 2021, CZM issued the East Boston DPA boundary designation report (PDF, 2 MB) for public comment. At the request of the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), CZM has extended the comment period for the report several times, with the most recent comment extension ending on August 1. At the request of the BPDA, CZM has extended the comment period for an additional 90 days, ending on November 1. CZM shall consider written comments received by 5:00 p.m. on November 1. See the “attachments tab” in the submittal in the August 10 Environmental Monitor for a PDF copy of the notice of extension. Submit comments to joanna.m.yelen@mass.gov or by mail to: Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, Attention: Joanna Yelen, Boston Regional Coordinator, 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900, Boston, MA 02114.

Recent Municipal Harbor Plan and Designated Port Area Decisions

Lynn Designated Port Area Boundary Review Decision - On April 26, CZM issued the conditional Designation Decision for the Lynn Designated Port Area, Lynn, MA (PDF, 535 KB), concluding the comprehensive Designated Port Area (DPA) boundary review process initiated in March 2021. The decision affirms the findings and proposed DPA boundary modifications in CZM’s January 7, 2022, designation report, Boundary Review of the Lynn Harbor Designated Port Area, Lynn MA (PDF, 638 KB). The boundary modification was made in accordance with criteria governing the suitability of contiguous lands and waters to accommodate water-dependent industrial use pursuant to 301 CMR 25.00 (PDF, 87 KB). The Commonwealth’s DPA policy seeks to promote water-dependent industries as an important sector of the state’s economy and prevent the loss of areas that have certain key characteristics that make them particularly well suited to water-dependent industrial uses. CZM is responsible for mapping, interpreting, and periodic review of DPA boundaries. For more information on DPAs, see CZM’s Designated Port Area website.

Decision Issued on Chelsea Creek Harbor Plan - On April 1, the Decision on the Request for Approval of the Chelsea Creek Municipal Harbor Plan and Designated Port Area (DPA) Master Plan (Plan) (PDF, 2 MB) was issued by the Secretary of EEA. The Plan encompasses the waterfront area generally extending from the Andrew McCardle Bridge upstream to the confluence of Chelsea Creek with Mill Creek at the MBTA rail crossing. It builds on prior planning initiatives for the area, including the Chelsea Waterfront Visioning Plan (2016), Designing Coastal Community Infrastructure for Climate Change (2017), and the City of Chelsea’s Community Resilience Building Summary of Findings (2018). The DPA Master Plan details strategies to preserve and enhance the capacity of the DPA to accommodate water-dependent industry and prevent substantial displacement of these activities by nonwater-dependent uses. The Secretary’s Decision approves the City’s Plan with modifications and conditions. The Plan also includes a mechanism to promote resilient shoreline protection structures. For questions, please contact Tyler Soleau, Assistant Director, at tyler.soleau@mass.gov.