DCAMM's Office of General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel provides legal services and support for all Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) offices and activities, particularly those related to public building construction and real estate activities.

The Office of the General Counsel plays a critical role in DCAMM activities in the following areas

  • Real-Estate Transactions 
    • Acquisitions and Dispositions
    • Leases and Licenses
  • Construction and Renovation of Commonwealth Facilities
    • Construction and Design Procurement Contracts and Disputes
    • Compliance - MBE/WBE Participation, Prevailing Wage, Workforce
    • Direct Payment Claims and Change Order Appeals
  • Environmental - Clean State Initiative
  • Legislation
  • Litigation

In addition to the activities listed above that are provided for projects and properties under DCAMM's jurisdiction, the Office of the General Counsel provides the following services that directly impact public-construction contracting by all agencies, municipalities, authorities, and other public entities of the Commonwealth:

Emergency Waiver Requests


Public Records Requests

Open Meeting Notices