Deployment Plan for Massachusetts

Details and important information regarding the EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan

Plan Vision

This NEVI Plan describes the Commonwealth’s approach for investing NEVI Program funds to build a network of fast charging infrastructure on Alternative Fuel Corridors in Massachusetts. 

The Commonwealth’s vision is to establish a financially sustainable, equitable, and complete network of NEVI-funded fast-charging stations that supports travelers in taking long-distance trips in electric vehicles with confidence. The process to build out and maintain a reliable charging network will be a transparent and competitive process, and will be complementary to other ongoing federal, state, and local initiatives supporting EV adoption.

Plan Development Activities

Development of the NEVI Plan included modeling EV charging demand on highway corridors in Massachusetts, analyzing economic factors associated with DCFC technology, and prioritizing highway corridor segments for investment of NEVI funds.

During the development of the NEVI Plan, MassDOT received stakeholder input via a stakeholder survey that was available to the public; a statistical survey fielded to Massachusetts residents; focus groups with members of Environmental Justice and Justice40 communities; roundtables with community-based organizations, environmental justice and environmental protection organizations, and rural metropolitan planning organizations; interviews with EV service providers and electric utility providers; and a request for information targeted at DCFC charging network providers.

Plan Submission and Approval

MassDOT submitted the NEVI Plan to the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation prior to the federal deadline of August 1st, 2022. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) completed its review and approved the MassDOT NEVI Plan for implementation on September 14, 2022. With this approval, Fiscal Year 2022 funds are now available to Massachusetts for obligation.

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