Disciplinary action taken by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing

Record of disciplinary action taken by the Board

The actions set forth in 244 CMR 7.00: Action on Complaints sections 04(1) through (6) constitute disciplinary actions the Board may impose on any license to engage in the practice of nursing in Massachusetts or APRN authorization, or both, or on the right to renew such license. Except as provided by 244 CMR 7.05, the Board may only impose disciplinary action as part of a final decision or order issued in connection with the adjudication of a complaint, or under the terms of an agreement entered into between a nurse licensed by the Board and the Board in resolution of any complaint.

Disciplinary actions


A disciplinary action constitutes a public record and is reportable by the Board to other licensing entities and, in accordance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 112, Section 772, to national disciplinary data reporting systems as disciplinary action on any license to practice nursing in Massachusetts or on any APN authorization, or both, or on the right to renew such license.


For definitions of the disciplinary actions taken by the Board, view the Board regulation at 244 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 7.04.

List of actions

See our Records of Disciplinary Actions (DA) taken by the Board since January 1, 2006. This record is updated every month with the actions Records of Disciplinary Actions (DA) taken by the Board - PDF

Use the nurse's Massachusetts nursing license number to accurately verify if any disciplinary action against them has been taken by the Board. Last names may change over time. The report lists a nurse's current name on record with the Board.

Additional Resources for Disciplinary actions

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To view disciplinary action taken by boards of nursing outside of Massachusetts, use Nursys Licensure QuickconfirmQuickConfirm License Verification is a free service to look up and verify nurse licensure information.


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