Division of Ecological Restoration Staff Directory

DER Staff and Contact Information
DER staff in the field

Beth Lambert, Director
617-626-1542; beth.lambert@state.ma.us

Hunt Durey, Deputy Director
617-626-1245; hunt.durey@state.ma.us

Eileen Goldberg, Assistant Director 
617-626-1546; eileen.goldberg@state.ma.us

Carrie Banks, Stream Team and Wild & Scenic Westfield River Coordinator
413-579-3015; carrie.banks@state.ma.us

Kate Bentsen, Streamflow Restoration Specialist
617-626-1533; kate.bentsen@state.ma.us

Michelle Craddock, Watershed Ecologist 
617-626-1544; michelle.craddock@state.ma.us

Cindy Delpapa, Riverways Program Manager
413-572-8837; cindy.delpapa@state.ma.us

Kristen Ferry, Aquatic Habitat Restoration Specialist
617-626-1264; kristen.ferry@state.ma.us

Eric Ford, Restoration Specialist
617-626-1549; eric.ford@state.ma.us

Alex Hackman, Project Manager  
617-626-1548; alex.hackman@state.ma.us

Kris Houle, Ecological Restoration Specialist  
617-626-1543; kris.houle@state.ma.us

Georgeann Keer, Project Manager
617-626-1246; georgeann.keer@state.ma.us

Megan Sampson, Program Administrator 
617-626-1547; megan.sampson@state.ma.us

Nick Wildman, Restoration Specialist 
617-626-1527; nick.wildman@state.ma.us


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