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DLS Senior Deputy Commissioner and Bureaus

Supporting a Commonwealth of Communities

Sean Cronin, Senior Deputy Commissioner
(617) 626-2381 or email

Welcome to the Division of Local Services (DLS), we support local officials in your community to achieve sound fiscal management through guidance, training and oversight. Its bureaus are responsible for ensuring the fairness and equity of local property taxation, the accuracy and quality of local accounting and treasury management, interpreting state laws that affect local governance, distributing local aid, and maintaining a comprehensive Databank on local finances.

Sean Cronin was appointed the Senior Deputy Commissioner for Local Services in February, 2015. Prior to joining the Baker/Polito Administration, Sean spent 17 years working in Brookline, the last 12 as Deputy Town Administrator. During his tenure, he helped develop fiscal policies and budgeting practices that allowed Brookline to retain its AAA credit rating and prepared capital improvement programs that addressed aging infrastructure and facilities. He served on the MMA’s Policy Committee on Personnel and Labor and represented the MMA on the original MSBA Advisory Board. Sean served as a Fiscal Policy Analyst in the Fiscal Affairs Division of ANF and as Deputy Budget Director for the Executive Office of Public Safety during the Weld Administration. He holds a bachelor’s degree in government from Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in public administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.


Division of Local Services Organization

Deb Wagner, Director, Bureau of Accounts
Anthony Rassias, Deputy Director, Bureau of Accounts

The Bureau of Accounts (BOA) oversees the financial management of municipalities within the Commonwealth. The BOA field staff assist financial officers with state regulations and requirements, approve tax rates, certify compliance with Proposition 2 1/2, and offer instruction in sound municipal accounting practices. Certain issues of debt of cities, towns, counties, and districts are issued as "State House notes" and are certified by the Director of Accounts. The Director also certifies free cash of cities and towns that is thereafter available for appropriation. The Bureau reviews audit reports of various Massachusetts local governments submitted by independent CPA firms.

Christopher Wilcock, Chief, Bureau of Local Assessment
The Bureau of Local Assessment (BLA) is responsible for regulation, oversight, training and technical assistance to municipalities in the areas of real and personal property valuation and classification.  Its primary responsibility is to review and re-certify each municipality's property values once every five years to ensure they are at full and fair market value.

Kenneth Woodland, Chief, Bureau of Municipal Finance Law
The Bureau of Municipal Finance Law (BMFL) provides legal and policy advice to (DLS) managers and staff, and other Department of Revenue divisions, on the municipal tax and finance laws within the regulatory purview of DLS.  Its attorneys draft and review legislation, draft advisories, opinions, guidelines and other public written statements that interpret municipal tax and finance laws and explain DLS policy and practice to local officials, participate in training programs for local officials and perform certain statutory duties of the Commissioner of Revenue regarding municipal tax administration.

Zack Blake, Chief, Financial Management Resource Bureau
The Financial Management Resource Bureau advises municipalities on opportunities to improve their financial management operations. Our project management team brings real-world experience and practical advice to every assignment. We also collaborate with our colleagues within the DLS and other state agencies to provide comprehensive guidance and self-service tools. Whether your community is facing a particular issue, would like to implement a best practice, or could benefit from a general assessment of its financial condition, we can assist.

Kirsten Shirer, Chief, Data Analytics and Resources Bureau
Lisa Krzywicki, Deputy Chief

DLS's Data Analytics and Resources Bureau (DARB) is responsible for collecting, managing and distributing data. DARB maintains the Division's website, provides user support and software development services for DLS Gateway, and provides training, support, and consulting services to local government in collaboration with the Division’s other bureaus. It develops and publishes Databank reports and visualizations based on financial, demographic and other data related to local government. DARB also manages the distribution of local aid, including preparing “Cherry Sheets,” the official notifications advising cities and towns of the estimated state aid and charges to be assessed during the fiscal year.