Learn the requirements to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) system with the Department of Revenue (DOR).

When you connect to the DOR network via VPN, you are agreeing to the Department of Revenue’s Technology policy, even if you are using a personally owned computer.

The following items are required to remotely connect to the DOR network via Junos Pulse Virtual Private Network:

  • You must have a DOR network account and RSA Secure Token issued by ANF IT Support /Accounts Management. 
  • The system must be running one of the Supported Operating Systems – Windows 7x86, Windows 7x64.
  • The system must have Anti-Virus Solution installed.
  • You must be a local administrator on the system to install Junos Pulse client (x86 , x64).
  • The user must get the office workstation Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to connect remotely.

Your RSA Token Card may be held at the DOR Data Center Management Office.  If so, you must call the DOR Data Center operator at 617-887-5264 to obtain your RSA SecureID software token code each time you require connectivity.

Also, under Initial setup, please add this attached MSI file to the list.

Initial Setup:
If you have been instructed to download a new client for your machine, downloads are here:

*  RSASecurIDToken500.msi  

*  JunosPulse.x64.msi

*  JunosPulse.x86.msi

*  MDOR VPN Setup Procedures

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