Dynamic labor market tools

Dynamic labor market tools

Dynamic data tools

As an extension of the 2019 data package update, a set of new and updated dynamic data tools has been developed to support regional planning work. These tools are designed to help users compare data across regions and generate insights beyond the analysis in their regional data package, through regional and statewide analysis of the following topics:

  1. Sector Makeup
    Allows users to graphically compare 2-digit NAICS industries by employment and wages.
  2. Worker Characteristics
    Allows users to compare local worker characteristics (age, sex, race and ethnicity, and educational attainment) across NAICS industries.
  3. Educational Attainment and Employment
    Breaks down the share of industry employment by educational attainment in 2016 and 2018.
  4. Licensure
    Details the local supply of unexpired licenses issued by the various boards of the Division of Professional Licensure, matched to SOC occupation.
  5. Apprenticeships
    Models the regional and statewide “apprentice supply gap” for a variety of apprenticeable trades.
  6. Supply and Demand
    Allows users to generate insights about the balances or imbalances (i.e., skill shortages or surpluses) in specific occupational labor markets, in each region and statewide.

Click here to download the data tools listed above.  These files were last updated in December 2019.