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Electronic trip-level reporting (eTRIPS)

Learn about the SAFIS eTRIPS application and electronic reporting for harvesters.

Getting an account and logging on to SAFIS

You should contact the statistics project to get a SAFIS account. Please include your commercial permit number and date of birth.

  • You will need a different account for each permit under a different corporate name. Otherwise, you will have one account that contains all your permits. You must submit reports for each permit.
    • If you have only one corporation name and have received more than one SAFIS account to report your trip-level data, please let us know.
  • Permits with federal reporting requirements are exempt from reporting to DMF.
  • If you hold two MA commercial permits and one has a federal permit that requires you submit VTRs to NMFS or an HMS permit that requires you submit Bluefin tuna landings to HMS, you will still see that MA commercial permit in SAFIS. Your reporting responsibility for that permit is to NMFS. eTRIPS reports for that permit are not necessary.
    • You will submit eTRIPS reports only for the permit without federal reporting requirements.
    • If you only have an HMS permit, you should report all non-Bluefin tuna activity occurring on this permit to DMF as that data is not required by HMS.

If you receive an error message upon logging in to the website and have not logged in before, the username and/or password we provided may not be correct. To check, try copying and pasting the username and password into the login boxes.

If you have logged on before, but received an error message when trying to log in, click the 'Forgot Password?' link on the login page and enter the necessary information to reset your password.

If that does not work, please call or email and we will reset your password.

Additional Resources for Getting an account and logging on to SAFIS

Negative reports

  • You only have to enter a "did not fish" report if you don’t fish comercially for an entire calendar month. To do so, you would enter a negative report for the date range of the entire month.
  • Clicking the green save button submits the transaction to us. The application will bring you to a summary page and ask you to click 'Finish.'
    • Once back on the negative reports page, the submitted dates will be listed to the left of the calendar, and colored green in the calendar.
  • You can delete a negative report by checking the box next to the report date and click the red delete button. If you'd like to delete all negative reports for a given year, check the box in the header next to the label 'Report Date' and click the red delete button.
    • As a reminder, a positive report will overwrite a negative report on a given day.

Setting up favorites

  • The favorites section allows you to default and store certain information, such as vessel, port of landing, gear type, area fished, species harvested, and dealer.
  • Setting up and configuring your favorites will save a significant amount of time when entering your trips.

Vessel information

  • The vessel search box only lists the first 15 vessels in the MA list. Be sure to search for your vessel by registration number in the search box.
    • If you registered your vessel in a different state, set the registering state to the appropriate state. Then search by registration number.
    • Additionally, be sure to clear any searches before trying a new search.
  • If you have listed the vessel on your permit and still cannot find it in SAFIS, please contact the statistics project to determine the cause and add it to the list.
  • Vessels that are not associated to a commercial permit will not be available in SAFIS. If your vessel isn’t in our database, then there’s no way for us to add it to the SAFIS database.
    • If this is the case, please select the “Unknown” vessel that has a corresponding registration number of MS9999.
  • If you are fishing from shore please select “FROM_SHORE” as your vessel.

Effort information

  • If you are fishing in state or federal waters, select "State Waters Inshore-2" as the waters fished. Then select "Massachusetts” from the state list. The MA local area pick list will also contain the federal statistical areas.
    • All MA reporting areas start with “MA”. If a number follows the "MA", then it is a statistical reporting area. Use these areas for all species except shellfish. You can review our maps here.
    • If a letter follows the “MA”, this is a designated shellfish growing area. You should use these areas for reporting commercial shellfishing trips only. You can review our Growing area maps.
  • "LMA" stands for Lobster Management Area. Only enter this value if you are harvesting from lobster pots. The field will only appear when you use the “pots and traps” or “pots and traps, lobster” gear types.
  • “Trip Gear Quantity” is the number of gear used or fished during the trip. For example, you hauled 200 traps that trip, or 20 gillnets, or you used 3 fishing rods or 1 rake. These are all values you would enter into this field.
  • “Total # Gear in Water” is the largest number of gear fishing at that time. If you have 500 traps in the water but only haul 200, then you would enter 500 in the “Total # Gear in Water” and 200 in “Trip Gear Quantity”. If you used a maximum of 3 fishing rods on a particular trip, then you would enter 3 in both fields.
  • If you fish in more than one area, you need to create two separate lines in the "Effort" section, with each area and the amount of gear in that area listed on each line.
    • You will also need to separate your catch by these two efforts. The “Effort #” in the "Effort" section must match the “Effort #” in the "Catch" section.
    • You can save more than one effort line to your favorites.
  • Check the box at the beginning of the row to delete an effort from your trip report. Then, click the red “Delete Effort” button.
    • Deleting an effort will also delete all corresponding catches.
    • You must delete any efforts that you are not using from a trip report.

Harvest information

  • If you only harvest one of your favorite species during a commercial trip, leave the “Reported Quantity” blank for species not harvested, and they will not save.
  • Click the trash can icon at the beginning of the catch row to delete a catch from your trip report.
  • The pick list for the dealers shows only a sub-set of the total list in the dealer search box. If your dealer doesn't appear, use the search function to find it.
  • When searching, try entering only the first few letters of the dealer's name or the dealer's permit number. If you try to spell it in its entirety, there's a good chance it may not match the name stored in the database.
  • Be sure to clear any searches before trying a new search. If you still can't find your dealer, let us know, and we will help identify it.
  • Helpful hints:
    • Wellfleet Shellfish Company is in the database as “Mac’s DBA Wellfleet Shellfish Company”.
    • Georges Fish Market is in the database as “Chatham Seafood Enterprise”.
    • Patriot Seafood is in the database as “Broadway Fish and Lobster”.
    • Menemsha Fish House should be entered as Reds Best.
    • Menemsha Fish Market and Poole’s are in the database as “All Island Seafood”.
    • The Net Result is in the database as “Martha’s Vineyard Seafood Group”.
  • If you have a retail boat permit and a federal vessel permit, you will need a federal dealer permit as well. This permit carries electronic dealer reporting requirements.
  • If you have a retail boat permit and do not have a federal permit, record all your landings on your trip-level report. You do not need to also submit dealer reports.
    • Be sure to state yourself as the dealer on any transactions where you are acting as the dealer under the authority of your Retail Boat Permit.

More resources

  • You can view our entire line of SAFIS tutorial videos.

If you need further help, please call our office during business hours at (978) 282-0308 x101 or email

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We use your feedback to help us improve this site but we are not able to respond directly. Please do not include personal or contact information. If you need a response, please locate the contact information elsewhere on this page or in the footer.

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