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Electronic trip-level reporting (eTRIPS)

Learn about the SAFIS eTRIPS applications and electronic reporting options for state-reporting harvesters.

What is SAFIS?

  • SAFIS stands for the Standard Atlantic Fisheries Information System. The Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP) runs SAFIS, and partners with all East coast states.
  • The SAFIS database stores permit, vessel, catch report, and dealer report data for many of the states.
  • The catch reporting piece of SAFIS is eTRIPS. The two eTRIPS applications are online and mobile.
  • Harvesters from Massachusetts and several other states have used eTRIPS Online since 2010. eTRIPS Mobile is new for 2019.
  • Statistics project personnel enter all paper reports into SAFIS eTRIPS as well. Thus, your account also accesses historical reports for your active permit.

Getting an account

  • You can create your own account through the SAFIS login page. Or, we can provide you with login credentials. Your account lets you access all online and mobile tools.
  • A SAFIS eTRIPS account gives you access to all active permits under your name and/or corporation name.
  • If we provided you with credentials and you receive an error message upon logging in to the website for the first time, please double check the username is correct. If so, please contact us to reset the password.
  • If you have logged on before, but received an error message when trying to log in, click the 'Forgot Password?' link on the login page and enter the necessary information to reset your password.
  • If you still cannot log in, please call or email and we will reset your password.

eTRIPS Online

  • You can use the SAFIS eTRIPS Online website from any computer or mobile device, but the website is difficult to navigate on smaller devices.
  • The benefits of the website include:
    • Viewing an entire trip on a single page,
    • Easy review of the months you reported,
    • Simple did not fish reporting,
    • Easily manipulated default settings,
    • And a reduction in paperwork.
  • Easy to use after the “Favorites” are set up.
  • You can view and extract your reports from both the mobile and online options via the website.
  • We provide phone and email support for using the website during normal business hours (7 AM – 5 PM). Help videos are also available to help answer some questions.

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eTRIPS Mobile (NEW!)

  • Version 2 was released in spring 2019, and harvesters must use it in place of version 1! No Massachusetts state reporting harvester should use version 1. The Statistics Project will delete any reports entered with version 1.
  • Available for any commercial harvester.
  • Once you have an eTRIPS account, you can download and use the app today on any Apple or Android phone or tablet or Windows 10 device.
    • The application is available via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows store.
    • Please search “eTRIPS/mobile 2” to find it.
  • The application is designed for use on board a vessel, but has an option to enter a completed trip.
  • The benefits of the mobile application include:
    • Entering real-time data with offline storage until you reach WiFi,
    • Simple did not fish reporting,
    • Easily manipulated default settings,
    • Reduction in paperwork,
    • And, you can have your report done before reaching the dock.
  • All submitted data are also available to view and/or edit on eTRIPS Online.
  • ACCSP posted help videos on their website for new users of the application.
  • DMF is launching a new help series on eTRIPS mobile for fixed gear - Coming Soon!
  • We provide phone and email support for the application during normal business hours (7 AM – 5 PM). 
  • If you operate a federal vessel, please contact the VTR help line to learn more about the federal version of eTRIPS mobile. Their phone number is 978-281-9246.